258/365 – Not Great

My poor boy is poorly. Nothing major, but he’s a sad sock, high temperature and off his food.

Here’s hoping a good sleep will perk him up a bit. (And here’s hoping the rest of us don’t get it).


257/365 – Mysterious

I felt a little bit silly posting this the other day, but I’m glad I did now.

The toilet roll situation at work is getting curiouser and curiouser.  I went to use the facilities today, only to find that the stacking had not only been changed but also added to.

Something very odd is going on here.  We have a phantom toilet re-arranger!


256/365 – Scratch

Ah, the joys of going through the (quite meagre in this house) craft box when your sister is at Brownies.

We have tonight discovered a new love for scratch art that kept him occupied for an hour.  Yes, I’ve just ordered some more.


255/365 – Pacemakers

I took the littles for a run with me today.

The husb is working silly hours this weekend so if I wanted to get out for a run (which I did as I haven’t been doing very well lately) I knew I’d have to take them with me.

We took scooters and it was actually ok. They only grumbled a bit and when they did I ran up and down a bit of grass while they looked for conkers.

I spent three quarters of my run following them though. They’re good pacemakers.


254/365 – Turtles

We had a lovely cousin visit today. We did lunch, monopoly, over excited children.

I also proved my own personal theory that you’re never too old for Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles.


253/365 – Tumble

They had their first session at after school gymnastics today.

I think it’s safe to say they enjoyed it.


252/365 – Vigour

This boy does everything with vigour, even the things he doesn’t want to do!


251/365 – Homework

Note to self, don’t allow children to wear tops with pictures they love on them while doing homework.


250/365 – Stacked

Random toilet picture today – who stacks toilet rolls like this in their toilet? These were seen at work so it could have been any one of a fair few people.


(yes, you guessed right, no proper photo for today!)

249/365 – Cake

Stuck for a picture for the day?  Had a professional photo shoot done recently? Problem solved!

140816 Tipler 081