291/365 – Slippers

It is all about the (new) slippers at the moment. Oh, and being really quite silly.


290/365 – Brakes

According to her, he needs some more instruction in how to use them.



289/365 – Pals


Such a shame about random background bloke.

288/365 – Turtle Shopping

It’s not every mummy that gets to take a teenage mutant ninja turtle shopping with her.


And as for the pair of them together…


287/365 – Well

Very well, I’d say! Back to school tomorrow for both of them.


(and yes, same top for three days running for him. No shame in that!)

286/365 – Frustrating

After a good day yesterday, the boy was quite impressively sick again this morning.

Frustrating, for me and for him.

On the upside, the rest of today was good for him and by the time I got home he was pretty much bouncing off the walls. 


285/365 – Feeling…

Better, I think…


284/365 – What Goes Up…

Must come down.


Speaking of what comes up, the boy is poorly again. I suspect it’s post-birthday come down and I do hope it’s over with quickly.

283/365 – Nerf

A friend of the boy bought him nerf guns for his birthday.

I’m wasn’t thrilled with the guns until I remembered playing “cowboys and indians” with my friend when I was small. I always had the gun, she always had the bow and arrow.  And on the upside, the littles only shot me “on accident” about 60 times today.

Even better – I’m loving the protective glasses that come with them. The littles look like Bono – tee hee!


282/365 – Lots

I have a plethora of photos for today, and a complete inability to chose just one or two!

The boy’s birthday celebrations continued apace with a family lunch.  I was reasonably pleased with the car cake – it bears an almost passing resemblance to the picture of the cake he showed me!


The boy and the girl also met their newest (and very gorgeous) cousin today.  Cousin cuddles are good!


And I couldn’t not include this one – the boy reading his cards to Grandma and Grandpa.