103/365 – Hats

Her pink Toronto Blue Jays cap has been her favourite and her best head gear since it was given to her by Grumps over 3 years ago.

Lately though, she’s been saying that she’d like a straw hat for the summer (like mummy’s) rather than a cap (deemed by her to be a boy’s item of clothing, for reasons known only to her).

We saw this one today and it was judged acceptable.


I wish I had the flair to carry off a hat like that.

103/365 – How Many…

different ways can I call my girl beautiful?  I’m running out of post titles for this girl.

102/365 – London Town

Rude not to make the children pose while we were there!


101/365 – Cool

She is pretty much the coolest kid on the block in her new trainers.


100/365 – Search

Word searches seem to be the way forward at the mo. They certainly kept the smalls amused on the way home from Brighton today.

Next stop – cross words?


99/365 – Up and Down

We went to the British Museum today to see their Viking exhibition.  It was fab and I was surprised at how long the children remained interested – a sign of them growing up which makes me mostly happy but a teeny bit sad.

I offered them a trip to the shop so they could buy a memento of their day, not something I offer lightly as I’m always mildly irritated by the cost of things in museum shops.  I wasn’t that surprised when they chose things entirely unrelated to what we’d seen today!  Still, you can’t knock a good yo-yo, particularly if it lights up.

It only took said yo-yo hitting our wooden floor half a dozen times to make me realise that the best place to learn to yo-yo is on a chair.


98/365 – Scrabble

The current game of choice, in onesies, natch.


97/365 – New Dress

I love Sainsburys. They have some lovely children’s clothes.

Giraffes – what’s not to like?!


96/365 – Collecting

There’s nothing like a stony beach to bring out the collectors in my children.



95/365 – Animal