112/365 – Snakes

Most days at school follow a broadly similar routine.  No two days are exactly the same, and it’s that which keeps it interesting.

Every now and then though, we have a really exciting day.

Today we had a pair of lovely ladies come in with a selection of creatures, including; two snakes, a gecko, an over-sized snail, some hamsters, two hedgehogs, two owls, two tortoises, a ginormous bullfrog, a raccoon (no, really!), three dogs, and a tarantula.  I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone – it was quite a menagerie.

This lovely lady is Sally the Royal Python.  She was cool and smooth and downright beautiful.

111/365 – Damaged

After just one day at school, my children are in various states of damage.

One burst blister monkey bar incident (and a fairly impressively calloused hand).


And one quite dented back after an argument with a bit of playground equipment.


They’ve been relatively unscathed for the last two weeks!

110/365 – Trousers

You’ve got to love a chicken in trousers.


109/365 – Not as Beautiful

as I’d hoped.

The cake did look lovely with its marzipan topping and egg wash


but I hadn’t appreciated just how quickly marzipan burns under the grill.


On the upside, it still tasted lovely and I’ll know to keep a closer eye on it next time.

Grandma and Grandpa came to lunch today.

Grandpa and the boy played chess, then draughts, then the girl played Grandpa at draughts. Grandma heroically played pick up sticks with whichever child wasn’t involved with Grandpa. Thank you both, my two had a lovely afternoon (and did eventually calm down from their marzipan high).


108/365 – Simnel Cake

I made my first Simnel cake today.  I haven’t made one before because  of the whole nut/marzipan issue, but now that we’ve tried almonds on the boy, marzipan is firmly back on the list.

It always amazes me that you can go from a pile of quite yummy ingredients

to something that looks, frankly, vile

(on this occasion) via a mid-cake layer of marzipan

and a bit more vile lookingness

to this


which looks really quite yummy (and will look even better tomorrow with it’s marzipan topping – pic to follow!).

107/365 – Ex-House

It turns out that the house that I thought might last until the end of the summer, is no longer a house.

The husb got up this morning with the intention of “getting a few bits and pieces done”.  This roughly translated as dismantling the house, taking it to the dump, and chopping down a couple of trees.

We’ve had the house for longer than we’ve had the boy (and the blog, come to that).  The earliest picture I can find of it has a very young (approx 21 months) the girl in it.

So long, house.

In our garden we also had a silver birch tree.  It was a thing of beauty, bent over so that its leaves provided a canopy of shade, not unlike a weeping willow.  It’s on the left hand side of this pic (taken May 2006).

Unfortunately, the boy was a bit allergic to it.  This is what he looked like after he ran through it a couple of years ago.

Not life threatening, but not pleasant either.  We’ve been gradually chopping it back, year on year, so that it has less impact on the boy.  Today, we decided to take it back a little bit more, but when the husb had chopped off the chosen branch, the tree looked more than a little bare.  We decided that we might as well bite the bullet and get rid of it.

I was a bit sad, but I was also quite relieved that an irritator of the boy had gone.  The husb and the children had one last bit of fun with it before it went completely.

And our garden suddenly looks very wide (scuse the washing).

106/365 – House

I’ve known for some time that this year would mark the end of the useful life of our little play house.

That was confirmed today, and I’m left wondering if it will actually last the year…


105/365 – 9 Heads

Are better than 1.


104/365 – Culture?

The children and I went to town today.

I was aiming for a day of high culture with tickets to Coppelia in the morning and a visit to the National Gallery after lunch.

They enjoyed both the ballet and the pictures, but the thing that really grabbed them was the apparently levitating Yoda in trafalgar square.


103/365 – Hats

Her pink Toronto Blue Jays cap has been her favourite and her best head gear since it was given to her by Grumps over 3 years ago.

Lately though, she’s been saying that she’d like a straw hat for the summer (like mummy’s) rather than a cap (deemed by her to be a boy’s item of clothing, for reasons known only to her).

We saw this one today and it was judged acceptable.


I wish I had the flair to carry off a hat like that.