Happy Red Nose Day

I love this pair. They are so set in their roles – the serious one and the joker – until they decide to switch… 


The Girl and I have prepared for Red Nose Day in our favourite ‘special day’ way… 


I saw these coat hooks today. I think we need them at home. 


I Can Help? 


Bucket O’ Cat

Taller Than a House

Well, almost.


She’s sussed out curlers. Beautiful… 

World Book Day

It’s been a while. Work, uni, family, inability to say no. There’s nothing new eating my time, just a brief (I hope!) inability to manage the various strands. 

I’ve had a week of rest and recharge, and hopefully my batteries are back to full strength now. 

Anyway, I couldn’t not share my lovelies on World Book Day. Harry Potter of Hogwarts meets the White Witch of Narnia. 

Fortunately we survived their combined powers. 

Paws Up

If you were not only silly enough to fall in the kitchen sink (front paw next time, please)… 

but were also silly enough to try again less than 5 minutes later… 

Cat Sunday

Not quite grown into his ears yet, but getting more handsome every day.