Garden Party

Technically, yesterday’s photos but I’ve never been shy of post-dating on here, as you will know. 

We have lovely, lovely new garden furniture. 

Lovely in the sun. 

And gorgeous in the evening. 

All You Need Is… 

A guide to referencing and some extremely organised (even by my standards) stationery. 

This is all I need to pass my degree, right? 


Things I have discovered that I really don’t like this holiday. 

1. Rope bridges. 

That is all. 

Life Skills

Teaching the Littles to skim stones when the sea was deemed too cold to swim in anymore. 

Beautiful And Braver Than Me

My gorgeous Littles, looking appropriately summery. 

And also being much braver than I am! 

English summer in the sea – brrrr… 

Made It

First break of the hols. And relax… 


Beyond excited – thank you supermarket loyalty points. 

Never Too… 

old to love bubbles.


Our latest garden friend. 


Our vine, which has been growing for 5 years, has finally produced some grapes!

I don’t thing you’ll see vin du Southby this year, but hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll have enough grapes to try a bit of vinifying.