Oops, I Did It Again

What do you mean “no more kitten pictures”? Surely just a couple more won’t hurt…

Snuggling with the Girl . 

This is most definitely his “and where do you think you’re going?” face. 

On the upside, I’m definitely going to get loads more work done now he’s around. 

I’ll try not to just post Kitten pictures from now on, but I can’t make any promises! 

New Friends 

They started hanging out this evening. 

And discovered a shared love of screens.

I think this friendship will go far…

More Beautiful Fluff…

He has attitude 

And a healthy attitude towards hiding…

He is also quite enjoying watching TV.. . 

A New Arrival 

No, not the pitter patter of tiny feet. More the pitter patter of weeny paws…

Our new arrival is very beautiful, very fluffy, and very loved, already.

Cloud Gazing

The Boy is often to be found like this. 

He bounces like, well, a very bouncy thing. Decidedly Tiggerish, although not sustainable for more than about 20 minutes.

Then he lies down for a bit.

I’ve always assumed he was just lying around, but it turns out he’s a cloud gazer. 

And when there aren’t clouds, there are always contrails. He was particularly impressed with these two and how quickly they appeared. And I love a sky shot! 

Not Quite The End

The Husb commented that if I had a before, there should surely be an after.

There is an after, although not a finished. That’s ok though? 


Before. . . 

Cat Tree

We decided that the Cat would probably eat, and definitely try to climb, our beautiful indoor ivy. 

The Husb spent a good hour detangling the four climbing strands in the hope that we could keep one, but there didn’t seem to a viable option for draping that wouldn’t encourage a small kitten to want to play with/eat it. 
So the plant has had a drastic hair cut, and the Husb is looking a lot less perplexed now . 


Nothing to see here – just two very soggy children. Nice light though. 

Not Fighting 

That’s about the best I can say. Half term joy.