Tree Sprites

The holidays are nearly over. 

We’ve spent lots of time away, and have a few things to do next week. 

This week has been about home and pyjama days. 

We did make it out for a walk today. The Littles spent more of their day up trees than on the ground! 

Doubly Wet

Paddling pool, in the rain. Well, why not! 


Saw this in a book shop today – I’m not convinced… 


Don’t think we’ll be producing Vin du JoBart this year, but at least they’re changing colour. 

Small but perfectly formed (hand for scale!)… 


The three of them had a lovely day… 

Looking at books. 

Snuggling (sort of). 

Plotting (for sure). 

And wheels. Always wheels.

Garden Picnic

And while on a picnic, it’s compulsory to throw crisps in the air and try and catch them in your mouth. 


Spotted on our way home. Unfortunately, I think they were moving faster than us… 


Grandpa made her a mermaid tail. She was so thrilled – it’s the happiest she’s been all holiday (and she’s been pretty happy all week)! 

Snakes Alive

He loved it, She spent half an hour waiting outside…


​The Littles favourite holiday visit so far, and likely to remain so…