It’s always good to have some lovely photos when you fancy posting again after a while.

This was the placid, soothing moonrise in our park this evening

I took a few steps, and then something made me turn around to see this amazing, fiery sunset



Posting is a little sporadic at the moment. But rest assured, all the important bits will still make it here.

Like this 

“What’s with the elephants?” I hear you ask.

Well, another year, another anniversary with my very gorgeous and lovely husband! 

We stick loosely to the traditional gift ideas because it’s handy to have a prompt, but this year was a right tricky one.

You see, fourteen years is ivory and the husb and I have some very strong feelings about ivory.

He got round it though. In his usual thoughtful, sensitive way (have I mentioned that I love him, very much).

Resin elephants. Genius, beautiful and more than a little romantic.


I’m sure secondary school wasn’t this much fun when I was there.

We’re just looking at the moment, but it won’t be long before he’s there as well. Sometimes time seems to slip through my fingers like sand.

Oh, and yes, it is a nice haircut isn’t it.

Surprisingly Lovely

The last time I went camping was 26 years ago (1991) and involved a ridiculous amount of alcohol and some really awesome heavy metal.  It was at Castle Donington for “Monsters of Rock” and I was 19. 

I’ve spent the intervening years claiming that I would never, ever go camping again. 

 I finally relented when a good friend, and mum of one of the Boy’s classmates, suggested that we go as a group with other mums and dads from the class and their children of various ages.  

I was very apprehensive, thinking I really wasn’t a camper, being a lover of all things warm, dry and comfy. 

Apart from being absolutely blooming freezing overnight, I had a complete blast. The company was fabulous, we did really very little other than sitting around a camp fire (and thank you to two Dads for keeping it going) and we were extremely lucky with the weather (a nasty downpour on Saturday evening but as we were coming home on Sunday it was all good).
That said, it really wasn’t about me, or the other parents.  It was about the Boy and his friends.  We barely saw them from dusk to dawn.  They came back for food, dry clothes (there was a river and a “marsh”) and to sleep when they absolutely had to.

The after effects were perhaps unsurprising…

why yes, I am posting this because I’ve barely seen my son for the last 48 hours…

First Day

Well you didn’t think I wouldn’t, did you?


My lovely, long legged, clan.

Trying It On

Has anyone seen my little girl?  This young lady has come and taken her new school uniform…

Love ❤️

We’re back home from our latest adventure. This time it was with lots of family and was lovely.

While we were away we visited the Tank Museum, which pretty much did what you’d expect for the Boy. 

The Girl wasn’t so keen, unsurprisingly, so she and I whipped through the exhibits. 

We made it to the cafe unscathed and, while we waited for the Husb and the Boy and Grandma to catch up, she spotted some tanks for painting.

I love what she’s done.


Not really embodying the Olympic ideals here. Well, not unless lazing around is an Olympic discipline.

Urban Youth