We got the scalextric out today.

The girl was highly amused when she realised she was pretty much as long as the track.

The boy just wanted to race.



This week, my children will be mostly damaged.

The girl has a blister on her finger (rope burn from a nasty skipping rope incident) a bruise the size of my fist on her leg (from falling off a piece of equipment at the park) and a dent in her knee (also from the park).  She quite rightly refused to let me photograph and post pictures of any of these things.

The boy, however, is less concerned about pictures of him and where they end up (for now) so I do have permission to post a picture of his face after he had an argument with a thorn bush today.  Personally, I’d have left the football in the bush…






Apparently, waiting for mummy to finish her conversation is one of the most boring things ever.



I wasn’t convinced about giving blood in the back of a lorry, but actually it was nicer than the usual church hall experience.  The ratio of lovely blood people to donors was one to one and it all felt quite relaxed.

I haven’t been able to donate blood for the last 3 years while I’ve been ill, so I was very pleased to be able to make my 20th donation today.

It did feel a bit weird having a needle stuck in me without any other procedure following though…


Paper Craft

Her current favourite book.



I was lucky enough to see the Horse Guards Parade on my way home from a run this morning.

Unexpected, and a little bit scary actually.



The boy and I had to go into town today to buy a rucksack.  It’s a multi-purpose one.  It will serve the girl for her Brownie sleepover in a few weeks.  It’ll also do for me to run home from work every now and then.  I accidentally bought one with a (big) pocket to put a drinking bladder in so I’ll be able to take it on long, marathon training runs in the summer.

But most importantly, it will do the boy for his first ever Beaver sleepover (he’s calling it camping although they won’t be in tents) TONIGHT.  I’m doing lots of deep breathing and telling myself it will be fine.  There shouldn’t be actual nuts there, but there will be plenty of food with “may contain traces” as the beavers (from several different packs) are able to take their own snacks and cakes.  I’m trying to learn to trust other people; and don’t get me wrong, his Beaver leader is amazing and I totally trust her, but there are other adults there as well, making food decisions*; so tonight is a little testing.

At the station on the way home from rucksack purchasing, there were people collecting for Motor Neurone Disease.  The gentleman we donated to gave the boy a balloon which matched his apparently very favourite new top rather well.


In order to console ourselves after dropping the boy off, the husb, the girl and I went to a cheesecake shop.  You can see that it’s totally not working for the girl!


*one of those decisions being to buy bakery bread (completely not safe), even after I’d discussed bread and other things with the lady that was buying the food.  There was other bread there (which I think they were planning to use for something else) so I’ve made sure that he can have that instead of the bakery bread.  (practices deep breathing some more…)

Good Books

Good books are the ones you can’t put down. Even after you know you should be asleep, when your eyelids start to droop, you just need to finish that sentence, paragraph, page, chapter… book.



Apparently, a pocket that you can hold your own hand in is the most exciting thing.


We discovered it today and he was mightily impressed.