The Latest Craze

Apart from me forgetting to take pictures when we have lovely guests to lunch, the latest craze seems to be staring contests.

At least it keeps them quiet…


Last Minute…


We’ve managed to not leave his half term homework until completely the last minute, but we’re not far off! Writing up in neat to be done tomorrow.



We went to the British Museum today (possibly my favourite London museum with the exception of Hornimans) to do some ancient Egypt research for the girl’s half term homework.

We decided to take a different route than usual, which led us down Cannon Street.  I’m not entirely sure why he was so taken with the large signs low down on buildings telling you what number it was, but he surely was taken.


The Eye of The Tiger

Some days it’s really hard, matching song lyrics to photos.



On Saturday, I received a letter from King’s College Hospital telling me that I had an appointment at the Liver Outpatient Department for Wednesday (today).  My first thought was “crikey, short notice chaps” followed swiftly by “thank goodness it’s half term, now I work part time I definitely can’t take term time off for appointments”.  Then my brain kicked into gear and my final thought on the matter was “odd, when I had my gall bladder removed I was told that I was discharged from their department’s care, go and see the GP 6 weeks post-op and that would be that”.

Still, off we pottered to King’s this morning (me and the littles).  We were only slightly miffed to have to wait 50 minutes for a 2 minute appointment, and to be honest we wouldn’t have been even slightly miffed if I hadn’t been given the first (9am) clinic appointment.

As predicted, I was discharged from their care (again – woop) so we were free to do what we liked with the rest of the day.

We chose as follows: the girl – Hobbycraft for crafty joy; the boy – the Library (3rd time in 3 days for us this half term) for books on animals and cars; me – Tesco for a bottle of celebratory.

I wasn’t sure how successful it would be.  The boy is not a fan of Hobbycraft, the girl doesn’t travel well (these places are not close together) and neither child likes shopping in food shops, even if it is only for one thing.

I think my pleasure at the thought of no more King’s visits must have been contagious though as it turned out to be a very amenable, and even amusing in places, day.

As usual after a good day, I struggled to pick just one picture.



Quite possibly my favourite, and most over-used, blog post title.

I made almond butter today. It broke my beloved (bought to help with weaning when the girl was teeny) hand blender, so it had better be good.

I’ll let you know when I’ve forgiven it enough to try it.



Get Yer Skates On



The first Sunday of half term always feels very lazy.  A big lunch, half an hour in the park, a film, some reading and a fair amount of gaming on various devices (as I type, the littles are watching the husb kick lego butt on the xbox).

I’m often bemused by the fact that he’s just as happy to watch her gaming as he is to game.


My Valentines

We had such a lovely day today. A visit from Grandma & Grandpa, plus the husb’s lovely cousin and her equally lovely boyf. There was yummy food (Grandma bought two puddings!) and a marathon length game of monopoly.

I managed not to take one single picture today… so instead, here are my funny and lovely valentines.


New Skills

For the first time ever (and I’m not proud of this), I opened my car bonnet.

My windscreen washer reservoir needed filling. The husb was at work and I couldn’t see properly so something had to be done.