16/100 – Care

The Girl goes to a craft club on Wednesdays after school.

She brings back little treasures like chocolates made from clay, in boxes she’s decorated, or papier mache pumpkins.

Today she made, for me, a microwaveable hand warmer for when I’ve been out running in the cold.

She’s very thoughtful is my girl.


15/100 – 275 Reasons

To be happy.

I was hoping to raise £100 minimum for Cancer Research UK, so I set my target high at £150.

I am thrilled to be able to tell you that I raised £275!

Thank you all so much for your support.


14/100 – Nuts

Oh yes, the title of so many of my posts.

The Boy and I spent four hours at the hospital his allergy clinic is in today.  Not at the allergy clinic, but a floor up at the research unit.  We’ve been there before, it’s where he had his oral nut challenges.

At his annual allergy clinic appointment in January, we were offered the opportunity to put him forward for an oral immunotherapy trial.

The basic premise is that he will be fed slowly increasing doses of boiled peanut in the hopes that it will fool his body into thinking that maybe peanuts aren’t the complete and total enemy.  He still won’t be able to eat actual whole peanuts (we don’t think, but never say never) but we might be able to stop worrying quite so much about teeny amounts like “may contain” or cross contamination possibilities in restaurants.

Although it won’t be entirely straightforward (details to follow another day as it’s quite long winded), it seemed like a bit of a no-brainer in terms of his future life.

Today’s appointment was about taking a very (very very) thorough medical history and the Boy having a horrible number of skin prick tests (both arms).  He also had to eat a soybutter sandwich as that’s what they’ll be feeding him on the next two appointments.  He passed with flying colours, although apparently it was absolutely disgusting.

The (hopefully) positive in today is that one day we might be able to worry a little less about what he’s eating, and the Husb and I might not have to panic quite so much when he’s a teenager and/or leaves home.

Here are the skin prick tests, with the dreaded peanut bump.


13/100 – Cuddly

Technically I met this handsome chap last night, but I was still cuddling him at just gone midnight so he counts as today’s happy thing.


12/100 – Spring?

The Boy and I found these in the park today.

Hopefully spring will be springing soon, but even if it doesn’t, these little flowers were joyful enough for a happy moment in my day (which was otherwise a bit on the grim side, with a poorly Girl home early from her club and now on antibiotics).


11/100 – Care

If you’ve got have to have a care plan to keep your child safe, you might as well allow yourself the joy of laminating it.

See? I’m getting good at this positive stuff.


10/100 – Relax

It’s been a fab, but very busy, day today.

A school trip (to The Globe Theatre) today and choir this evening have been good for my step count, my education and my emotional well being.

Right now though, I’m glad to be relaxing.



9/100 – Beautiful


8/100 – Missing

This post is testing the thinking positively theory, and in posting it, I’m trying to be upbeat…

The Husb is still spending a considerable amount of time working away, and we miss him dreadfully.

However, the Littles do love chatting to him via video on the laptop so I guess that makes for one of a hundred good things. It is lovely to see their excitement and joy when they hear the laptop singing.


7/100 – Time Release

The Girl does her own hair nowadays – a real time saver which certainly makes for a less stressed day.