Once Bitten

twice shy?  Quite possibly.

I got bitten several times at choir on Thursday – we did a bit of outside practicing, standing in long grass.  I didn’t think much of it (other than “ooh, that’s itchy”) and was careful not to scratch them, particularly the three on my lower leg.

By this morning, they looked like this and hurt quite a lot.


A mercifully short trip to Minor Injuries confirmed my suspicion that they are infected and I have a week long course of anti-biotics to take.  Oh, and instructions to keep the leg elevated – tricky, but I’ll give it my best shot!


A photo a day is a photo a day…

Today the only shot I have is the treadmill display after the ridiculously short run I did.


I’m not a massive fan of the treadmill…

Report Time

The Littles bought home their school reports this week.  I am, as always, incredibly proud of them.

This year, one has made great progress in overcoming shyness and becoming more self-confident at school; while the other has made great leaps in controlling their behaviour.

I also love the self-portraits they put on the front of the reports.



I saved the run I was meant to do yesterday (the hottest day of the year) for today as it was meant to be quite cool and raining at lunch time.

Nope, they got that wrong!


I don’t think I’ve ever been that overheated.


We’ve had three teachers from South Korea at our school for the last 6 weeks.  They were over to see how schools are run in the UK, how we teach our children and what we teach our children.

I was something of a fascination to her.  They don’t have TAs in South Korea so she didn’t know quite what to make of me, or the fact that most classes in English primary schools have an extra pair of hands.  We ended up spending a fair amount of time together as she was very interested in the small groups that I take.

She took a few classes herself, teaching our children some South Korean and a little of their culture: including how to use Korean chopsticks (which are metal and often used in conjunction with a spoon – fact!) and a Korean game called Gongii which looks similar to our game of Jacks.

Today was her last day, and she gave me a set of stones for the Littles to try playing Gongii with.  There won’t be pictures of me doing it, it’s a lot harder than it looks on all those youtube videos!



Enough to play a piano solo at a school concert after singing with the choir.

It was a lovely evening – it’s great to see so much musical talent at the Littles’ school – all down to the school’s fabulous music department.



I thought the Husb had been terribly efficient while I was away, and bought potatoes that we needed without me having asked him.

When I shook this little one out of the bag however, I knew that his parents had sent him home after his visit yesterday with some lovely homegrown potatoes.

Very yummy they are too – thank you very much Grandma and Grandpa.


Mirror, Mirror

I came home today, bearing a gift for the girl from her Aunty.

She was exceptionally pleased with her new mirror. Thank you very much Aunty M.


Clapping Games

Waiting for the train to take mummy away for an overnighter with her sister, distracting themselves. image


Taken at Hyde Park. The Husb and I went to see The Who. We do love an outdoors gig, especially when we get visual displays like this one.