Nothing to see here – just two very soggy children. Nice light though. 

Not Fighting 

That’s about the best I can say. Half term joy. 


In just less than 2 weeks time, this handsome boy is coming home with us. 

In time honoured tradition, he shall henceforth be known on here as “the Cat”.


The Girl is baking on her own cakes nowadays. 

And doing a beautiful job of decorating them too. 


Tis that time of year again… 

The Muffin Man

I fear the Boy has got slightly confused. He wanted to know why the Girl was wearing ear-muffins. 

The Doors

Apparently I met Jim Morrison on one of his more chipper days. 



7 Days Late

It’s taken me a week – that may be the way here at Casa JoBart for a while.  Better late than never though, here is my Boy, over the last 9 years.



Looks like my days of nutritional usefulness are numbered. 

She’s cooked her first hot meal. Got to start somewhere!