“There’s nothing quite as fun as trying to right the trampoline when it’s still blowing a gale,” said no mother ever.


Jim Jams

We were still in them when I took this!



We’ve done a lot today.

Hair has been cut.


Airfix models have been made (no kidding, it’s an actual Airfix kit).


Fun has been had.


Cake has been eaten – no pics of that though!

Mother’s Little Helpers

The littles and I made a simnel cake today. They broke eggs, chopped glace cherries, weighed and measured, and helped mix it all together. I got to grate the zest of the lemon (yay), pour the cake mix into the tin, sort out the marzipan (middle of cake layer) and put it in the oven.  Then I was allowed to put the marzipan on the top and egg wash it while the girl made the apostles. The boy had given up on us by this point. My final act was to grill the cake, and I almost didn’t burn it this year!






And The Winner Is…

It was Easter Bonnet Parade day at the littles school today.

You may remember that the girl started construction of hers some time ago.

She has wept over her bonnet, more than once, and went to school this morning convinced it was rubbish. She never gave up on it though, and even this morning was tinkering with it.

She was, understandably, incredibly excited to win the Easter Bonnet competition. I am, also understandably, very proud of her. Not just for winning, but also for giving it her all and persevering.

The boy thought he wouldn’t be participating in the competition as he was on a school trip today (to a chocolate museum, where he made chocolate fudge and got to taste all sorts of different things that were safe for him!! Well done to the Chocolate Museum in Brixton), so his was very last minute (made last night) but also all his own work – I’m equally proud of him for not getting in a flap, and pulling it out of the bag last minute.


Homemade chocolate fudge loveliness.


The Mother of all Acrostic Poems

I’m sorry, that’s a terrible title but I just couldn’t resist.

The boy’s take on a Mother.



It was the girl’s school play today (she chose the second variety of mob cap).

I am so very proud of her. She has battled a fair few nerves this week but you wouldn’t have known it, watching her on the stage. She was confident, projecting her voice well and looking like she was enjoying herself.

To top it all off, her design was chosen by her teachers as the cover for the play programme.



My brother bought the littles some story cubes a while ago. They don’t come out very often, but when they do they stay out for a while and I always enjoy the ever more elaborate stories that the littles create.


This Is Me

Following on from yesterday’s post, this was taken while I was running.  It was on the second lap and I’m pleased to see that I’m smiling.

As with many people, I’m not a huge fan of photos of me.  I rather like this one though.  It’s honest (no hiding those “curves” in running gear!) and not enormously flattering, but I’m moving, I look cheerful and most importantly I look more healthy than I have for the past three years.

Yes.  I like this photo.


Run, Run, Run

I’m not a stranger to a challenge.

In the past I’ve completed two moonwalks (one pregnant, one post children). At 26.2 miles, they were a little bit scary, but it was all about the distance.

Today I did my first running race and I was absolutely terrified. 

I ran 10k around Crystal Palace Park (for Age UK).  When I say “ran” I actually mean ran/walked.

Suddenly it was about not just distance, but also keeping up a good tempo whilst simultaneously tackling some really quite impressive hills.

I was really surprised to finish feeling relatively ok and in a reasonable time (1hr 9mins).

Also, finishing a run in a national athletics stadium (with people cheering) was pretty awesome!

I got a medal – exciting!


But even better, when I got home there was a beautiful hand made card from my girl. I’m touched that she has such faith in my running.