Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

We ran theWestminster Mile today, as a family.  The boys made it home in under 10 minutes (9.39) and the girl and I managed a 10.27 mile which we were very pleased with.

Before and after shots courtesy of my friend and her family who also ran – thank you K.




It would seem that the kitchen isn’t primarily my domain any more.

Any time I mention cooking something out of the ordinary, like a crumble with our fruit & veg bag rhubarb, a not so small any more girl appears at my elbow.

She actually took over this evening, and booted me out of my own kitchen!



Scare warning, don’t scroll down if spiders make you go wobbly.

The husb was away last night so I had to deal with this beast on my own! The children were very proud of me. image

Sing It Back

You know I like music.  I talk about gigs that the husb and I go to quite a lot.  I often reference lyrics in my post titles.  Music can make me happy, or sad.  I just like music.

I also like singing.  But I like singing in the privacy of my own home when no-one else can hear me.  Just because I like singing, doesn’t mean I can.

I heard that regular singing can have all sorts of benefits, for your body and your mind.

I have a few friends that sing in choirs and I’ve always wondered if it would be as good as I imagine it to be.  Having the confidence to sing with other people, and producing the amazing noise that good singing does, must be an amazing feeling.

But I’m not good enough to sing in a choir, and certainly not confident enough to sing in front of other people…

A letter came home from the littles school advertising a new community choir being set up by the music teacher there.  A friend of mine (who also doesn’t sing in a choir) said she’d love to go and I admitted that I’d quite like to as well.  I hummed and ha-ed about it.  Then it turned out that the husb would be out that night so I tried to get a babysitter.  When I couldn’t get a sitter from my usual group, I chalked it up to karma telling me I just shouldn’t bother.

There is something quite determined in me though.  Even when I mostly think that something might not be a great idea, I’m prone to giving it a go anyway.  Sometimes it ends well, sometimes not so much.  In the playground, yesterday, I surprised myself by asking a couple of good friends if one of them could babysit, and lo and behold, one could.

Then I found out that another very good friend would also be going to this choir and would call for me on her way.  No matter how nervous I was, I had a babysitter and a friend to go with.

And I absolutely loved it.  I knew all the songs we sang, I knew a few people there so didn’t feel like a fish out of water, and the backing music was loud enough that I could really belt some of the songs out.  The best thing though?  I couldn’t hear myself, so I can’t have been too far out of tune!

I think I might have a new hobby (and I’m not sure that fortnightly practice is going to be sufficient to feed this new hobby!).


Let’s Go Fly A Kite

This is what we did this evening (with 15 or so other beavers).

I’ve never flown a kite before. I’m off to buy us a kite each. It was BRILLIANT!



Torrential rain, thunderstorms and hail. It didn’t feel like May today!



Defying Gravity


More Roman-ing

Continuing our recent roman theme, and also the girl’s baking endeavours, this evening she made honeyed ricotta tarts.

After mixing honey and ricotta for the filling,


she had to check it tasted ok.


They look amazing, but I’m not allowed to try them because she wants to take them to school.


Seems a little unfair!


If you’re of Roman descent, be very afraid.  The girl is obviously a direct descendant of the Iceni queen, Boudicca.


101 Uses

For a ginormous cardboard box…

I think we’re on about number 73 by now, and it is “make a shield for an Iceni Queen”.

I’ll show you the finished article when it’s, well, finished.