A Brief Aside #14 – Around the World in 80 Clicks

I discovered Google Reader not so long ago and am now able to keep an eye on a ridiculous number of blogs without totally neglecting the needs of my husband and children (you know, food, clean clothes, that kind of thing).  I don’t comment on all of them, in fact I’m a bit of a lurker in some places.

One of the blogs I lurk on regularly is Attack of the Redneck Mommy.  She’s very funny, very rude and an incredible woman with an incredible story to tell.  A recent post of hers told of a meme started by Catherine, Her Bad Mother and David of It’s Not a Lecture, the point of which, if I understand it correctly, is to link Mummy Bloggers all over the world.  Kind of a huge playdate where we all compare notes (I think a drink was mentioned as well which really piqued my interest).

I started reading all the posts that had already been written (ok, the children nearly didn’t get fed that day I’ll admit) and thought that it was something that I’d really like to do.  Then in my usual, self-confident fashion I decided that my input would probably be superfluous as they had so many great posts.  I kept on reading but stopped composing my post in my head.

Luckily for me though, the lovely Kim over at Frogpondsrock invited me to play along.  Yippee!

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are 5 things I love about motherhood.

(1)  The amazing people I’ve met and friends I’ve gained.  Not only through ante and post natal groups but also because of this blog which I wouldn’t have started if I didn’t have children.  I now feel that if I travelled around the world I’d have loads of houses to stay at!

(2)  Watching my girl sing and dance – she’s hilarious if I do say so myself.

(3)  Being able to be really silly in front of two people who aren’t going to tut and roll their eyes at me (in fact, they’re quite likely to join in).

(4)  Reading to my children.  I love reading and am realising that I’m not quite as erudite as I liked to think I was before children.  I’m just as happy sitting down to read Room on the Broom with the girl as I would be reading something more challenging.

(5)  Cuddles – as many of them as I like (although the boy isn’t always that thrilled).

Ok, this post has turned far too sugary.  Let me temper my statements above with: weaning (I hated it), nappies (I still hate them), sleepless nights (they kill me), temper tantrums (although they do make me laugh sometimes), snot (my nemesis).  Hmm, I thought of those 5 things much faster than the good 5.

Anyway, now I get to tag 5 others.  Please step up to the plate:

Oscarelli (she might tell you about boils if you’re lucky)

A Little Space For Me (she’s in Scotland – does that count as another country?)

Julia (who I’ve only just started reading but I love already)

Ash (she’s Scottish as well but lives near me – I’m not doing too well at the whole pan-global thing)

And last, but not least, Three Ring Circus (she’s amazing and has a beautiful family – I’d like to adopt them).

The rules of the meme are – link to Catherine and David, leave a comment on their blogs so they know you need to be in the Departure Lounge.  Tag 5 mummies and let them know that you ‘ve done that.  All done I think.



4 responses to “A Brief Aside #14 – Around the World in 80 Clicks

  1. Yay.. I have a couch that folds out into a double bed so If ever you come to Tasmania you are welcome to camp in my living room.

  2. p.s great photo..I love it..

  3. oooh, sounds fun! i’ll enjoy this one!

    and love the pic!

  4. Great post! I love your 5 things and can relate to all of them! Oh–and temper tantrums make me laugh, too. Which doesn’t seem to help the situation!

    Cute pic of you and the kids, too!

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