Two of my friends are hosting Open Gardens this Sunday in aid of the NSPCC.  If you happen to be in the Sydenham area on Sunday I would highly recommend that you go – I can vouch for two of the three gardens and they’re both beautiful.  You will also get a very warm welcome and a lovely cup of tea from both ladies.

Garden Info

I made and decorated a cake for Number 27.  I spent a lot of time over it.  It turned into a bit of a nightmare.  The weather has been warm so working with sugarpaste has been difficult as it’s been very sticky and hard to manipulate without it tearing.  I messed up the colours as well and what was, in my head, a beautiful, stylish and elegant cake actually turned out looking like a 6 year old had decorated it.

I’ve been told before that I’m too critical of my work but I don’t know how I can not be.  If you spend a reasonable amount of time working on something then surely it’s only natural that you see and know every flaw, no matter how big or small.

Three people have seen this cake.  Two of them said it looked fine and the other one (E, the recipient of the cake) said it was wonderful (although I happen to know that she was out last night so her critical faculties might not be fully functioning!).  I still see the bumps and the colours that went over the lines and didn’t match very well, but after talking to E I’m starting to see that perhaps it’s not the disaster I first thought it was.



16 responses to “Critical

  1. Too hard! You’re too hard on yourself!

    Stop it, my dear friend. I have a six year-old who can really show you what something loks like when they taken their hand to it.

    That cake looks fab, just in tune, I think, with the whole event.

    If I can get there, I’m going to be first in line for a piece of that cake (although it almost seems a shame to eat it).

  2. Cool! says Rosie and “I want that for my birthday” says Jenny. Unbiased and instinctive.

  3. Of course you are critical of it, you made it and it is different from the image that was in your head.. Artists are like that. (don’t scoff woman). Only an artist could make something as beautiful as that cake. xox

  4. what are you smoking? that cake is wonderful! it would get a better rating, but I’d need to taste it first 😉

  5. It’s a beautiful cake. Now, if only I could taste it too…

  6. You have GOT to be kidding me! That is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen! Never in a million years could I pull something like that off! You’re awesome!

  7. I think it’s really pretty!!

  8. Looks great in the picture – I think it’s hard to see how good something you’ve made is if you’re seriously committed to the pursuit of perfection! Colours look very balanced to me.

  9. Are you mad?! That looks great – and perfect for an open garden thingy. It all looks smooth and gorgeous from here! x

  10. that’s pretty much the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. for the record.

    where’ve you been?

  11. not a disaster at all!

  12. Too pretty! It’s the teeny imperfections that mean it was made with love and not a machine 😀

    The last cake I made involved bashing out a lemon drizzle cake in about 5 minutes, then squirting ready-made wrting icing over. It was very artistic…. in a Jackson “Jack the Dripper” Pollock sort of way….

  13. Seriously? I kept looking for a caption under that pic that said something like, “this is what I was hoping the cake would look like”. That’s the one you made? Cause it looks amazing! for real!

    I should send you a pic of the cake I made for Nate’s birthday. Not pretty, my friend! 😉

  14. Don’t send it to number 27. Send it here, to number 4.
    It looks delicious!

  15. Excellent cake. Where do I find the instructions that? I have three girly girls who need birthday cakes like that.

  16. Let me be the ninetieth person to say, “That cake is gorgeous!” You should open a shop!

    And the picture of your little berry-eater. Scrumptious.

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