My Favourite Photo

Ok, I’ve put a lot of thought into this so I’m going to do some rambling before I show you the photo.

Firstly, to set the scene.  Mrs W over at clinically fed up tagged me for the “Your Favourite Photo” meme set up by Tara at Sticky Fingers.  I was very pleased because I’d fancied joining in but don’t like to put myself forward for that sort of thing!  By the way, Tara, I should apologise because I’m a lurker not a commenter on your blog – I’ve been following your every move for some time without telling you I’m there.  It sounds so much worse when you actually put lurking into words.

So, onto my favourite photo.  I have agonized over this for the last few days.  I wanted it to be one I had taken.  Frankly, after seeing Mrs W’s entry I wanted it to be brilliant as well but I’m a realist if nothing else.  Nice it would have to be!  I had several shortlisted and was having terrible trouble choosing which was my favourite.

And then suddenly today I had an epiphany.  Of course, my favourite photo isn’t one I’ve taken.

If you’ve been reading here for a while (or have read my son’s birth story) you’ll know that my daughter was born by planned caesarean section and that it took me  a long time to come to terms with that.  I desperately wanted a home birth but she was my first baby and I was naive.  I caved into health professionals who told me I couldn’t even consider home birth because she was breech.  Subsequent research told me that many women successfully birth breech babies at home with a skilled attendant experienced in delivering breech babies (and yes, such a creature does exist).

I moved on from her birth (and really, with such a gorgeous girl, how could I not?), grew up a bit, did some research and decided that by hook or by crook I would have a good go at having my next baby at home.  We hired an Independent Midwife, who I still think very fondly of, and I had the boy at home, in the back room.  I did end up in hospital with a retained placenta, but how proud and happy was I that I had achieved this at home….

The boy was born at 19.14 on the 10th of October 2007, this picture was taken at 19.15.  I do wish I’d sorted my hair out before the midwife took a picture.

Now to tag some people.  I can’t tag Mrs W (obviously) or Marilyn (because Mrs W has claimed her already) or Dan (because he did it all on his ownsome) so I’m going to tag

Veronica at Sleepless Nights, Kim at Frogpondsrock and Angelfeet because they take amazing pictures

Ash at Ash’s Blog because I loved her blog and pictures and this might kick her into blogging again (please?)

Calicobebop and Bea because I also love their blogs and would like to see more pictures from them.

It’s Tara’s meme and her rules can be found here.


12 responses to “My Favourite Photo

  1. A perfect photo – I would have loved to have had a home birth with No3, but in the end it was a hard enough fight to get them to shut up and accept that I was giving birth in my local community midwife unit rather than the large university hospital 23 miles away. It’s hellish we have to fight for the right to do something that really ought to be in our total control.

  2. And now I’m a blubbering mess. What a beautiful and special moment for you to share. And, I love that your husband is holding you and you hold the Boy. Gorgeous and perfect, disheveled hair and all.

  3. I am jealous, I wanted a home birth with Max, but he was so late that I ended up ‘having’ to be induced. By that point I was in so much pain with the SPD I caved and went to hospital (about 1.5 hrs after you’d had your lil man actually!), only to find i was in labour already! lol 🙂

    What a beautiful photo of you both!

    Never know… maybe one day I’ll be able to have a pic of me and a lil one having home birthed… 😉

  4. Holy cow! How can anyone top that photo? You are simply amazing! I (as a woman) can only imagine your strength. I bow down to you. 🙂

  5. How very dare you madam – lurking without commenting. Tut tut tut!
    Well it’s a good job you took part in this meme because now I’ve found you out! And boy oh boy what a beeeautiful photo. Really, what a beautiful photo.
    The whole point of this meme was to choose your favourite photo: be that a technically brilliant one, a childhood one, anything which evokes memories.
    And this one is perfect.
    Thank you so much for taking part and, hopefully, see you around! x

  6. What a lovely photo!

    I treasure the photos from my sons homebirth, it was such an incredible experience. 🙂

  7. There is a variety of good reasons for this to be your favorite.

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  9. Now that photo makes me smile. xox

  10. How on earth did I miss this? What an amazing thing to have done!

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