Whatever the Weather

I like to think that however stormy life gets, they’ll always have each other to share a brolly with.



2 responses to “Whatever the Weather

  1. This photo is superb. I rather feel it should be in The Sunday Times/Telegraph glossy Magazine,

    I wrote the most ridiculously long comment in response as the photo evoked a whole host of memories and emotion to do with sibling bonds, families, blogging, bla bla…..I have transferred it to an email to send to you soon after an edit or two!. So if you receive an email from me, somewhat garbled and all emotional about life, the universe and everything. Its this photo, that set me off!

    Please think about entering this photo into a competition I have no idea where to find them. Perhaps other bloggers would know. You deserve more of an accolade for this Artwork than I am able to give. I feel there should be a copyright thingy whatsit in the corner of this photo,, just in case some horrid person should claim it for their own, and before you know it, its available as a framed poster, a canvas for folks walls, on mugs, calendars ,,,,,. Everyone except me seems to have an ipad. Anyway, I don’t say this in jest regarding the copyright,. Then you can make money hunny and I can say to my friends ‘I know her’. well virtually anyhow but thats Ok?
    Happy New Year Jo & family. This photo Is superb. Be proud.

    I am learning the hard way I should just say now that photo is great and be done with all these words, take a lesson from you, less is more Oh goodness I want to say last sentence /sentance oh lordy I am all menopausal, a nun at school spent an entire week of double english which we had three times a week in what was then called the second year, I believe now year eight…. drumming sentence/sentance along with how to spell business. My menopause seems also to have affected/effected,, oh dear another example of my forgetfulness or is it forgetfullness, oh lordy do I remove the l or not. So at last I have something to blame for the utter &*(% I write,,, menopause. Now that has triggered a memory, out of the box I get the magic pills, hurrah I have remembered to take my HRT,,, I;am not bonkers I am hormonal…
    I have a new mantra I must repeat to myself, less is more. When I say new mantra jo I haven’t actually had one previously but suffering from hormonal pedantic wordiness syndrome I am clutching at straws. I have had a thought, perhaps if I make my blog private then I could write ^&*^ to my hearts content and only a select few could have access, you know those that know that amongst all the words the intent is completely genuine, An glimmer of an idea to get my blogging mojo back instead of hogging your space, where I feel safe!

    By the way, did I say excellent photo……
    ps – a short comment – moi, I am simply incapable of it!

  2. Hi Jo.. have made a blog post specially for you inspired by this picture… hope you like it.. and feel free to nag me relentlessly to start blogging again..

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