You may remember the cassettes that my two were very kindly given for Christmas.

The girl is a huge fan of headphones, and frankly so am I – she can listen to what she likes and I’m not enormously distracted whilst trying to get other stuff done (she is only allowed to watch or listen to pre-approved stuff, she’s never let loose on youtube with her headphones, just in case you were wondering).

She has been very patiently standing in the kitchen with her headphones plugged into the only cassette player we have in the house, listening to her tapes, so I asked the husb the other day if we still had a fully functioning walkman around the place.  Sadly we didn’t.

The husb though, bless him, snuck off and managed to find us one on eBay.  The girl was most impressed and I was highly amused and simultaneously taken back to my dim and distant past.  It reminded me of the time that I stumbled across my old film camera – the girl and I had a happy few days playing with that (until I found out how much it costs to get a film processed nowadays).



One response to “Retro

  1. It’s like listening to wax-cylinder recordings!
    A way to do real film photography on the cheap is to shoot color negative film, get it processed only (no prints), and then scan the negatives. Many flatbed scanners can scan film.

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