I had another hospital appointment today (I know what you’re thinking – “what has this got to do with hats?” – just bear with me).

I had to take the smalls with me which was a frightening thought, but actually not all that bad – they were very well behaved and charmed the waiting room, which was full of people a few years older than me who were obviously looking back at their time with children through rose tinted spectacles.

The good news from the appointment is that although I have to have another hated ERCP, Kings College Hospital will do it under general anesthetic (me, not the surgeon).  I know, I’m being a bit of a wuss, but I was really relieved to hear that they could and would do that.  The bad news is that there is now talk of taking my gall bladder out.  The consultant that I saw at the QEQM Hospital didn’t seem to think that would be essential though, so I’ll can always switch my allegiences back after the ERCP has been done.

As the children were so good in the hospital, I thought I’d treat them by taking them with me to do the weekly supermarket shop (yes, I am being sarcastic, just in case you were wondering).

They whiled away the time spent trotting after me down the aisles (before they started trying to push each other into the shelves) by taking it in turns to wear my hat.  They are very easily pleased sometimes.  I was somewhat less pleased to see that my new hat suits both of them much more than it does me.

Exhibit a – sultry male model in the making:


Exhibit b – sweet and shy:


Exhibit c – mad bag lady, possibly with many cats at home (and I even tried to take this shot at a flattering angle, not a luxury I afforded my children):


Looks like the search for that elusive hat that actually looks ok on me will continue for a while yet.


One response to “Hats

  1. I just want a comfy hat, that keeps my ears warm.. I have pretty hats in the Summer

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