Red Noses, amongst other things

It was red nose day today.  The small’s school had a “funny top and tail” theme, my school was wear red or superhero theme.

The boy initially chose a pair of pants to be his “top” bit, but abandoned that before we left the house on the grounds that he might get laughed at.  The girl went for a slightly odd hairstyle (one plait and two bunches, mildly eccentric at best) and I went full on red – deely boppers, jumper and lipstick.  They both wore odd socks and odd shoes.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a picture of the three of us (if only the husb could have been convinced to do red/silly hair, it could have been four, oh, and if he hadn’t had to leave for work unsociably early).



One response to “Red Noses, amongst other things

  1. I am so daft that I had to google deely boppers! This is a very happy smiley picture indeed.

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