New Hobby

It would appear that I have a fun new hobby.

Lets hear it for …….. Endoscopys!!  Yay!!

I had my second today, under sedative.  It was every bit as unpleasant as the first, but mercifully quick.

They did the ultrasounds scans that they wanted to do but didn’t get the tissue samples they were after.  As I didn’t even know they were looking to take tissue samples, that’s really no skin off my nose.  In fact, it’s apparently good news because it means that the stricture (narrowing, swelling, call it what you will) is too small to take a sample from and therefore unlikely to cause me any more problems (should I really say things like that?).

Still, just to be double sure, I’m having another endoscopy in two months time to see where we are.

I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand I am truly, truly grateful to the NHS, not only for being so thorough but also for not charging me for the trouble.  On the other hand endoscopys, quite frankly, suck and I really wish there were another way of checking.

I’m off to take more of these now.


My ears, tonsils, neck and throat are quite painful right now, as are my insides which don’t take too kindly to multiple biopsy attempts.


One response to “New Hobby

  1. Poor, poor you . Hope it’s all resolved positively as soon as possible…

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