As Ever

The husb had this afternoon off work to accompany me to my latest hospital appointment (pointless, since you ask – they didn’t tell me anything I wasn’t told after my EUS on Monday – there’s still a swelling in my bile duct, it’s ok because it hasn’t grown but it’s still there so something is possibly/maybe amiss, get thee to A&E if you turn yellow) so we thought that as it’s half term we’d take the smalls out to tea.

We branched out and went somewhere we’d never been before, and it isn’t even part of a chain. I phoned them first (and had spoken to them at a fayre they’d done the catering for in the summer) so was fairly sure it would be ok. It was still a bit nerve wracking though.

Thank goodness for children – masters of de-stressing mummy.

They wanted to dress up for tea (they obviously recognised the importance of the occasion) so if course I wanted to get a picture of them.

I got:

Starting a race


Ballroom dancing


Ninja (apparently, they were quite noisy though)


And finally, a nice smile for the camera


All of the pictures made me smile though – my children are very clever and very good at making me smile when I need it.


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