A Tiger and a Leopard Walked Into a School…

“A tiger and a leopard walked into a school…” sounds to me like the beginning of a bad joke.  A bit like my day really.

So far today:

My journey into work which should take 20/25 minutes took me an hour.

I was asked to help in nursery for an hour which in itself is fine (lovely in fact as lovely people work there) but whilst there I sat down on the carpet to read a story and sat in something wet.  The ladies there very kindly said it was probably spilled milk but (a) I’m not convinced and (b) either way I must smell fairly weird.

Work was just hard today – it happens sometimes (often if I’m honest) but it always leaves me feeling unexpectedly tired.

I have a bag full of papers that comes back and forth from home to work and vice verse.  Fortunately it contains neither childrens’ work nor confidential information.  However, it does contain planning and information to help me with my intervention groups, along with a few books that I’ve bought to help with the sessions.  I put my water bottle into the bag without checking it was closed properly.  You can guess the rest…

Friday is swimming day for the children so it’s the one day of the week that I need to leave on time.  I left work later than planned (due to spreading paper to dry then forgetting I’d have to gather it all back before I left), got as far as the car and then remembered that I’d left a book on a heater (to dry out, of course).  I went back for it as I thought it would probably constitute a fire hazard and I would hate to be responsible for the school burning to the ground!  That added 15 minutes to my journey.  Then I hit an even bigger traffic jam than this morning and it took me an hour and 20 minutes to get home.  It felt like about 3 hours, but fortunately the husb had left his work early (well, it is Friday after all) so even though the children didn’t make their swimming lessons, one of us was at least there to collect them from after-school club before it closed.

The most sensible decision I made today was when I got home.  Instead of sitting down for a much needed cup of tea, I decided to walk down to school to meet the husb and the smalls (knowing that on a Friday there are always many bags to carry).  I met them as we were rounding a corner in our respective directions and the joy on the faces of both the children and the husband was quite a thing to behold.  Turns out the joke was poor but the punchline was a beauty.

Anyway, back to the beginning, “a tiger and a leopard walk into a school…”



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