2/365 – My Family

We went to Paddington for the boy’s annual allergy check up today.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, he’s still allergic to peanuts.

However, we’ve had some really good news in the knowledge that he’s not allergic to house dust (they checked him for house dust due to his ongoing itchy eyes/nose and runny nose).  Thank goodness – I can put off the cleaning for a while longer!

Unfortunately part of the reason that he’s so itchy/sneezy a lot of the time is that he seems to be mildly allergic to just about any tree you can think of.  Again there is good news, as he’s not testing positive for a grass allergy.

It was a swings and roundabouts kind of appointment really.


To cheer ourselves up, we went to see the Cutty Sark after lunch.  It was great, both children really enjoyed it and the husb and I found it very interesting – one for all the family.

I have a sort of unvoiced rule about not asking other people to take a picture of us.  I’m not sure why I have this rule.  I suppose it’s a combination of not liking having my picture taken when it’s “posed” and asking a stranger to do me a favour.  Anyway, I broke the rule today and we got a really lovely family shot.


Finally, a plus side to the children getting older is that I am starting to get more pics of the husb and I together.  I really do think that the girl is going to be an exceptional photographer given her current high standard.



So much for one a day!


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