40/365 – Timing

Sometimes it really is all about the timing.

The girl asked to watch Strictly Come Dancing last autumn and, as I couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to, I let her.

She enjoyed it so much that I bought her a book for Christmas based on the series, not realising that it listed live tour dates on the back page.

Just after Christmas she really managed to tug on my heart strings by telling me that she was “the only girl” in the family as I just wanted to do the same as the boy and the husb; monster trucks, cars, anything not dance related (apart from the 4 ballets that I’ve taken her to of course), etc, etc.

In a massive attempt to make both of us feel better, I booked 2 tickets to the Strictly Come Dancing live show at the O2 in London.

Who knew it would end up being this weekend?!

My feelings about doing this right now have been mixed all week, swinging between “what appalling timing” and “it’s something completely different and will take our minds off whats been going on”.

It turns out it fell in the “completely different, minds off” camp.

We had to take a new route into town due to various broken train stations, but we did get to see the Elephant and Castle – she was most amused that there actually was an elephant with a castle, and as for the castle being on top…


We went to a new eatery (no boy and queues at all the others) which the girl approached with a surprisingly positive attitude.


And, most importantly, we got to hang out.  Just us girls, doing our dance thing.


She had an amazing day, and I smiled properly and genuinely for the first time in at least a couple of weeks.

She thanked me so much for today, but I think I owe her a bigger thanks.


p.s. – lest you think they’ve been deprived, the boys went to the cinema to watch the new Lego film – they’ve also had a fab day!


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