115/365 – Stunts

Eating out with the boy is a bit of a problem for us.

Actually, to be a bit more accurate, eating out with the boy is a bit of a problem for me.  I am definitely the most anxious of the four of us when it comes to trying new places.

I have been determined for some time though that we will not spend the rest of our lives eating only in Pizza Express, McDonalds or Burger King (I think you can see why).

There’s a lovely pub just up the road from us in Crystal Palace.  I’ve been there often, for drinks, with the husb and with my girlfriends.

I looked at the menu for the Westow House in September last year, contacted them, and ascertained that they were pretty allergy savvy so probably safe to eat at.  Then I shelved the idea – oh sure, I said it was because the menu was too fussy and it was all a bit expensive, but really I was just too concerned about the whole “eating in a pub with a nut allergy” issue.

The husb spotted an advert for the Extreme Stunt Show who were (playing, exhibiting, showing off?) going to be in Crystal Palace Park today.  Obviously with two car/bike mad boys in the house we booked tickets, and frankly it wasn’t going to be a hardship for me either, it was only girl that was a little sceptical (and she soon warmed to the idea).  It started at 6pm so that left us with the thorny issue of where to eat.  There are no Pizza Express/McDs/BKs in Crystal Palace.

On Easter Monday we decided to go and play in Crystal Palace Park and while we were there, went to the Westow so that I could chat to their staff about food.  They still seemed allergy savvy so we bit the bullet and booked a table for today.

What can I say?  It was a rip-roaring success (apart from the children being a bit nonplussed by the lack of activity pack/colouring on arrival – sigh).  The food was lovely, the staff were extremely helpful and really a nice meal was had by all.

I feel like I’m starting to stretch my woefully unused eating out wings again.


We followed that up with an hour and a half of freezing in the park while we watched boys on/in BMX-s, motorbikes, quads and monster trucks doing really daft but equally quite impressive things!


A successful evening by any measure.


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