127/365 – Clawing Back

When the boy started in reception and I started a 5 days a week job, I lost a tiny bit of my girl.

It was very much my own fault.

The girl used to read to me for 10 minutes every morning. Then, when he and I started school, the boy had to have someone to read with, we had to be out early every morning and the girl was reading well and frequently on her own (she was then, and still is now, reading for at least half an hour voluntarily every day), so I dropped her 10 minutes of reading.

I missed it very much, but I couldn’t see how we could pick up our reading again.

And then I remembered that where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

She bought home a new book, a week and a bit ago, and we’ve been reading it for 10 minutes every evening.

We finished it tonight and on the final page, when we discovered together where and how his miraculous journey ended, I felt that connection reform itself.

Apparently we’re reading The Iron Man next and I can’t wait.

I won’t be losing that connection again until it’s her choice (and then I’ll be fighting it).

Thank you, Edward Tulane.



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