158/365 – Dilemma

The girl and I went on a mission today.

She is desperate for some pretty summer sandals. A quest I thought would be easy at this time of the year.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t factored in the width of her feet, and purchasing pretty sandals has not been the straightforward task I had been anticipating.

Today we took ourselves into town to the Birkenstock shop. She took some persuading (they do look a little, um, clunky) but agreed to try some on.

There were some very pretty sandals and I think she quickly realised just how comfy they were going to be.

Last hurdle – choosing which pair to have.


A close up of her dilemma. You can see why it took her 20 minutes to choose.  I mean… hearts or sparkly?



One response to “158/365 – Dilemma

  1. aw, beautiful, love the sparkly ones but have to admit it would’ve been a tough one for me too :). and very cool nail varnish mum. which ones did she choose in the end? xx

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