168/365 – 2,000

Wow.  So, this is my 2000th post.  Yes, you read that right, two thousandth.

When I started in January 2008, my plan was to do a 366 photoblog.  My expectation was that I’d do a couple of months at most.  I well remember post number 50 where I was extremely impressed with myself!

Yet here I am, six and a half years on and still going.  I haven’t blogged every day of those years, but I did complete that first year and at the moment I’m looking good for this year.

It’s been an interesting six and a half years.  My children have grown from 3 months and just turned 2 years, to 6 and three quarters and 8 and a half respectively.  The husb and I are now in our 11th happy year of marriage, compared with our 4th when I started blogging.

We’ve been through, amongst other crises, the discovery of a severe nut allergy and the collapse of my innards via a very pesky gall stone (still to be sorted) which saw me in hospital on and off for a good couple of months, spread over two years.  We’ve also dealt with what feels like more than our fair share of bereavements, and sad stories that I can’t tell because they aren’t mine to tell but which have had an effect on us here at Casa JoBart.  Then there have been the run of the mill illnesses, broken bones and sleepness nights you expect as parents, which start to add up after more than six years.

On a personal note, I have started and left a Rainbow unit, started and stopped going to VBAC meetings to help other women who wanted to do what I’d done, joined my childrens’ school’s PTA, left my local branch of the NCT (and finally managed to stop delivering the blooming magazine once a quarter), worked as a nanny for two different families, started and stopped working as a secretary for the local vicar, dabbled in running Sunday school sessions and finally gone back to full time work in a completely different field from the one I worked in before I had the girl.  I’ve completed the Girlguiding Leadership qualification (which is not to be sniffed at) and a Level 3 qualification in supporting teaching and learning in schools.

On the flip side of our downs, we’ve had some amazing ups.  Our children are beautiful, clever and downright amazing.  The husb and I have a happy and strong relationship, and are blessed with lovely families.  I’ve seen the birth of 3 nieces and 2 nephews, but only one wedding since I’ve been blogging….

I haven’t been taking many photos of late.  I’ve become very dependent on my phone, which is off with the screen pixies at the moment, and the replacement just isn’t up to the job when it comes to photoblogging.

I’ve been dithering all day about what photo to post today, on this most momentous (to me anyway) of days, and decided that it might be nice to go back to the start.  Below you’ll find my first ever blog post.  Enjoy!

1/366 – Cheat #1

A friend of mine blogged about Photo 365 which looks like an interesting thing to do.  My photographic skills are wobbly at best so hopefully this will be a good way to improve them.  Unfortunately I only cottoned onto Photo 365 yesterday (which is obviously 366 this year as it’s a leap year) so I will have to cheat a little bit as I don’t have a picture for every day (I’m missing the 1st and 5th and will substitute a couple of pictures I like).  I’m not great at writing either so there won’t always be a hilarous post every time but I will try and comment on each picture.  Please feel free to leave any comments with tips that will help me with my photography or my writing.

Here’s my first picture – a cheat to start with!  These are my lovely, funny big sister and my beautiful daughter.


You should also know that I’ve never blogged before either so I’m trying to figure out wordpress as I go – bear with me, it’s a steep old learning curve over here!!


One response to “168/365 – 2,000

  1. Jeez it’s flown by!! We met online not too long after you’d started I think? It’ll be 7 years for me in november, and the first 2 years worth of posts disappeared into the ether, but even then I don’t think I’m any way near your number of posts! 🙂

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