216/365 – 3GTs, Day 2

No list of my blessings would be complete without this lovely man. He has stood by me, bouyed me up and supported me through the last 14 years. He’s laughed with me (rarely at me), celebrated with me and has refrained from saying “I told you so” on many occasions. And he’s gorgeous!


Second today is me. Yep, I make me happy. Or more specifically my body which, despite some very poor treatment in its earlier years and in spite of recent health issues and neglect, is still strong enough to do this:


Although it’s a shame it leaves me looking like a lobster.

Lastly, the relationship my two littles have. They have their off days (don’t we all) but I get the distinct impression that they will be there for each other in the future. I can’t quantify how happy that makes me.



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