217/365 – 3GTs, Day 3

It’s all about turning the negatives into positives today.

First off – it was raining first thing this morning so we took these, but didn’t need them on our day out as the weather was glorious.  Hurrah!


Second – I had another outpatient appointment today.  If you look at it negatively, you could say it was a complete waste of time.  I’m not having any symptoms at the moment so there’s nothing there to discuss, there’s also still no news of when my op will be and the consultant won’t commit to a timescale (which is completely fair enough).  On the upside, when he said to come back in yet another six months, I finally had the gumption to ask what the point was.  He agreed that there wasn’t really one so we shook hands and I’ll see him when I’ve had the op (no holding of breath).

I haven’t got a pic to go with that, but I do like this one of the beautiful pink cranes hanging in the Southbank Centre, and my two littles running around like crazed things in the background.


Lastly for today – the negative was not having the husb with us; the positive was being brave enough to ask a complete stranger to take our pic while we were out (I never do and often wish I had) so I’ve got a lovely pic of me and the littles.



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