232/365 – Self Indulgent

I’m feeling a bit grumpy today.  It’s not for anything really important, in fact it’s pretty self-indulgent, so no sympathy required.  I just felt the need to vent a bit and this is the perfect platform.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to convert this little old blog of mine into something a bit more physical.

I love books.  Before having children I consumed them at a great rate.  Even now, I read as much as I can and can still be taken hold of by a book and unable to put it down.  Last time I had a two week stay in hospital I read American Gods, two Game of Thrones books and more than half of The Stand.  The husb was hard pressed to keep up with my Kindle download demands (I couldn’t do it in hospital, natch).

The thought of being able to have my blog in book form is very appealing to me, so I was delighted when I discovered Blurb.  Blurb will take a blog like mine and convert it to book form – it takes each post with its picture or pictures and put them together in the right order in an electronic book (they call it “slurping”).  I then go into the file, strip out all the tags and categories I don’t want, sort out the spacing and voila – one book.  It takes a long time for me to re-format it, but the bulk of the work is done for me by Blurb when they slurp my posts.  So far I’ve had 2008 and 2009 printed.  Today I finally finished formatting (I started about a year ago) 2010 and submitted it for printing.

The husb is out tonight so I thought I’d download and start formatting 2011.  And this is where we reach the grumpy part.  Blurb no longer supports WordPress, which means I’m unable to continue.

So far I haven’t been able to find another provider who offers a similar service.  Most of the others need you to download your text and photos manually and as this is really a quite self-indulgent project I’m not sure I can spare the time.  I’m also not sure that I’d want to (it would take a ridiculous amount of time – 3, nearly 4 years of posting once a day most of the time) or where I’d even find the time to do it.

So I’m grumpy, and not quite sure what to do.



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