244/365 – Made

While we were on one of our many trips away over the holiday, we went to a photography studio in Glastonbury called Made Portraits. I’ve written about it here and here and can only re-iterate what an amazing experience it was.

If you ever find yourself in Glastonbury, look this man up!

If you need some more persuading, here are some of the pictures that we got from the shoot.

140816 Tipler 044

(with their cousin D)

140816 Tipler 020

140816 Tipler 066

(with cousins D and A)

I’d like to post all of the pictures he sent us but I suspect you might get a bit bored, sort of death by powerpoint holiday snaps if you know what I mean!  I may drip feed you a few more over the coming weeks though as I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to resist posting them…


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