298/365 – Smart

I finally convinced the boy to have some hair chopped off.  He has been very against the idea for a while now.  Actually, when I say “I”, I really mean the hairdresser who told him that the was so handsome already and would be even more so if he just had his hair tidied up a little bit…

He let her do this, which looks so much nicer and only required him to sit still for about 7 minutes.


The girl had a trim too, but she allowed the hairdresser to cut so little off that you can’t really tell it’s been cut.


I even got mine done (you get a before and after for me – exciting eh?)


The husb cuts his hair (yes, he does his own) on a regular basis, unlike the rest of us who get it done annually at best, so I shan’t be sharing his do with you today.


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