319/365 – Proud

This evening was parents evening.

I’m torn between waxing lyrical, and not wanting people to think that I’m showing off.

If I’m honest though, I’m going to have to go with waxing lyrical.

My two littles are doing so well at school.  They are both working hard, achieving well, and are helpful and valued members of the class.  They both have things to work on, but I’d be worried if they didn’t.  The boy is a bit chatty in class and “a typical small boy” (I’m quoting his teacher there); the girl could do with being a bit more brave with her language – her teacher says that she often goes for the safe option when her teacher knows she has better words in her vocabulary.  That’s nothing I didn’t already know, on both counts, and also nothing that I’m particularly worried about.

While I was at school, I spotted a poem of the girl’s on the wall.  As I’m still in “black and white meme” mode for a few days, I have reproduced it in B&W.  You haven’t missed much on the colour front though – it’s all about the poetry.



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