Slow but Steady

I started running last spring.

I did ok, but come the summer I caved under the (very light) pressure of fitting runs into the summer holidays.

So, I gave up, but started again in September. That time it was much more successful and I managed to run 10k.

Then, my good old bad health once again re-asserted itself and I had to take a six week break after having my gall bladder removed (actually, thank goodness, because that should be the end of the poor health saga).

So, a big old break later, I’m starting again, again. This time I’m hoping to stay healthy and train for a marathon (yes, I have signed up for one).

Today was my second run.

Given my current situation, it’s a really good distance and time.

Also – I’m getting out there again and that can’t be a bad thing.



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