On Saturday, I received a letter from King’s College Hospital telling me that I had an appointment at the Liver Outpatient Department for Wednesday (today).  My first thought was “crikey, short notice chaps” followed swiftly by “thank goodness it’s half term, now I work part time I definitely can’t take term time off for appointments”.  Then my brain kicked into gear and my final thought on the matter was “odd, when I had my gall bladder removed I was told that I was discharged from their department’s care, go and see the GP 6 weeks post-op and that would be that”.

Still, off we pottered to King’s this morning (me and the littles).  We were only slightly miffed to have to wait 50 minutes for a 2 minute appointment, and to be honest we wouldn’t have been even slightly miffed if I hadn’t been given the first (9am) clinic appointment.

As predicted, I was discharged from their care (again – woop) so we were free to do what we liked with the rest of the day.

We chose as follows: the girl – Hobbycraft for crafty joy; the boy – the Library (3rd time in 3 days for us this half term) for books on animals and cars; me – Tesco for a bottle of celebratory.

I wasn’t sure how successful it would be.  The boy is not a fan of Hobbycraft, the girl doesn’t travel well (these places are not close together) and neither child likes shopping in food shops, even if it is only for one thing.

I think my pleasure at the thought of no more King’s visits must have been contagious though as it turned out to be a very amenable, and even amusing in places, day.

As usual after a good day, I struggled to pick just one picture.



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