And The Winner Is…

It was Easter Bonnet Parade day at the littles school today.

You may remember that the girl started construction of hers some time ago.

She has wept over her bonnet, more than once, and went to school this morning convinced it was rubbish. She never gave up on it though, and even this morning was tinkering with it.

She was, understandably, incredibly excited to win the Easter Bonnet competition. I am, also understandably, very proud of her. Not just for winning, but also for giving it her all and persevering.

The boy thought he wouldn’t be participating in the competition as he was on a school trip today (to a chocolate museum, where he made chocolate fudge and got to taste all sorts of different things that were safe for him!! Well done to the Chocolate Museum in Brixton), so his was very last minute (made last night) but also all his own work – I’m equally proud of him for not getting in a flap, and pulling it out of the bag last minute.


Homemade chocolate fudge loveliness.



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