Parkrun & Castles

I ran a parkrun today. Parkrun is brilliant (in my humble opinion). There are approximately 319* parkruns in the UK (and a fair few overseas) and each is run by volunteers. It is a free, timed, 5k run at 9am every Saturday around a park or green space.

The boy said he hoped that I would win the race. I explained that I definitely wouldn’t win and would most likely be in the last 10% of finishers but that that was really ok.  The girl responded by saying that I would get a better position than that because with any luck all the thin people would get tired. Hmm.

On the upside, the view was gorgeous.


We also went to Dover Castle today. The littles had a whale of a time running around and clambering wherever they could.


They quite liked the thrones too.


There was even opportunity for the husb to get his big camera out.


* poor research due to a lack of wifi in our current location. Posts get uploaded as we wander past hotspots.


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