Today we played the gender stereotype game.

The Boy was enormously excited when a man came to change the tyre on my car.  He immediately demanded (not offered, he definitely demanded) to help him.  The man was very kind and let the Boy roll the tyre to him and pass him a couple of tyre changing instruments (no, I have no idea what they were called).  The Boy was in heaven and has now decided that when he’s all grown up he’s going to change tyres for a living.


Speaking of growing up, the Girl asked if she could wear some make up today.  I couldn’t think of a good enough reason to say no, so…


She came a bit unstuck on eye make-up and asked if I’d do it for her.  I felt a bit strange doing it.  I don’t wear make-up much anyway so I’m not enormously confident applying it, and she suddenly seemed simultaneously very grown up and yet far too young for make-up.



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