I Went, I Ran, I Sort of Conquered…

Today was the day.

I got up at daft o’clock to travel into London with a lovely friend to run the British Vitality 10k. I was hoping to lay my 10k demons to rest and raise some funds for the Anaphylaxis Campaign, who were so amazing when the Boy was first diagnosed. Not only that, but I was wearing an incredibly attractive (ahem) bright orange vest – no hiding in the crowd with that on!


I was slightly gobsmacked by the sheer volume of people running it.


I got round in 70 minutes (and 40 seconds but who’s counting those?!). My demons lie with still not being able to run the whole distance, but I don’t think that’s a bad time for a run/walker.


However, I am incredibly happy that I raised £525 for the Anaphylaxis Campaign – a massive thanks go out to all the people who were able to support me at my sponsorship page with Justgiving.


2 responses to “I Went, I Ran, I Sort of Conquered…

  1. I consider it a good running result and a great result for a wonderful cause. Well done!

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