Things We Made #2

On our holiday to Norfolk last year, we went to a lovely place called Paint Me Ceramics.  Both the Littles enjoyed painting some pottery but were gutted that we’d left it too late in the holiday to get their items glazed.

We were a bit more organised this year, and after our visit to the aquarium on Saturday we went back to the same shop so we’d be early enough for glazing.

I had the genius (ok, old hat) idea of getting the Littles to put a painted hand print on a plate each as a keepsake.  Fortunately, the lovely lady who runs the shop is much more artistic/original than me and suggested that we make their hand prints a little more interesting.

We picked these up today.  How fabulous are they?


The boy is gutted that I won’t let him actually use his plate for fear of it getting broken…


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