Letting Go

I’m trying so hard.

I know that I’m a terrible helicopter parent.  

The Girl is starting to push for new boundaries.  “Can I walk home from school on my own?”  “Can I go to the corner shop on my own?”  “Can I go to the park on my own?”  “Can I, can I, can I…”

Up until now, it’s been mostly “No”.  I am a helicopter parent, and I find it hard to let them out of my sight.

Last week I let her roller skate around the block on her own.  Then I let her and the Boy go, her on skates and him on his scooter.  They had to knock on the front door each time they went past.  It worked ok – not too long between knocks for me, a bit of independence for them.

The Husb and I have spent a lot of time this weekend discussing her request to walk home from school on her own, and decided that, yes, she can.  She only has one road to cross and it has a lollypop lady.

So, I’m beginning to let go.  It’s hard, but I’m trying to be fair, and let them grow in self sufficiency and confidence.

We went to the park this afternoon.  They asked to walk home on their own (I had to go and buy milk from the corner shop).  I let them (having first texted the Husb to let him know they were on their way home) and set off for the shop.

Two minutes into my walk (in the opposite direction to them, knowing they had one road to cross) I heard a car horn. I stopped in my tracks, accepted that there were no screeching tyres and no hideous crashing noises, took a very deep breath, and carried on.

Then I sent the husb a text demanding that he let me know the second they got home.

I got a quick “they’re home”, then this,


he knows what I need!


One response to “Letting Go

  1. I would not consider myself a helicopter parent. Being single when I was raising them, I needed them to understand independence at the youngest possible appropriate age. That said, it IS hard. The “what if” and “I hope” thoughts are hard to quiet. Having 2 definitely makes it a little easier. Deep breaths, my friend…deep breaths. And well done, you.

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