Read the Instructions

The Little’s school had a Fete today.  I am in Somerset, but the Husb took them along.

One of the activities was a bake off competition.  The Girl was desperate to take part and baked a multi-coloured cake, herself.  Then spent a long evening decorating it, herself.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the chaos that is home life at the moment, I didn’t read the categories properly.

Categories were something along the lines of (no, I still haven’t read them properly) fruit or veg cake, fruit or veg bread, or a victoria sponge.  She made a madeira cake…




The Husb texted me when they got home from the fete to say that the Girl hadn’t done so well and was quite upset.

I phoned her, and her response to me asking how she’d done was simple, and broke my heart.

“There didn’t seem to be a category for me mummy”.

I will never ever not check the categories again.


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