A Damp Squib

This evening was a bit of a disaster.

The Girl finally decided that actually she would quite like to go and see some fireworks this year, so we planned to go to a display this evening.

The Husb had to get back from Bristol, making it a bit tight on timings, but it was all perfectly doable.

Until the Husb’s train was late, then we had to wait ages for a bus, which sailed past because it was full, then we got a bus, which terminated 2 stops down the road, so we walked back to get a different bus, which was horribly busy but we squeezed onto it, and got stuck in traffic. We arrived at the display just as everyone was leaving said display, now finished.

Still, at least our next two buses home didn’t get cancelled and we didn’t have to wait for 20 minutes for the next one… Oh, wait, that is exactly what happened and we got stuck in traffic on the way home. Left home at 6pm, fireworks were on at 7pm, back home (sans fireworks) at 8pm with two very tired and quite miffed children.



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