This year is my third 365 (well, two 365s and a 366).  I’m starting to find it a bit of a chore. When you start to find a thing that you previously enjoyed a chore, then it’s a time to stop.  I will still update, but I’m not committing to a daily post this year.

I’ve had a wonderful Christmas break this year.  I’ve been healthy, the Littles have been really cheery, the Husb has been home from Bristol for a whole week now (and we have him for four more days – yay) and I’ve seen most of my family.  I love my job and have plans to take my career forward next year.  It’s really all good and I’m incredibly grateful.  Not managing to see my little sister, M, and her boys has been the only real blight this Christmas and we’ll be rectifying that at half term.

On a slightly different note, there is one other blight.  It’s not a Christmas one though, it’s a general one.  Ill health, having left my house, is making itself felt in other parts of my family.


You know how I like wine?  To be honest, not just wine.  The “gig” lager, the “celebratory” fizzy wine, the “put the kids to bed and time to relax” G&T, the “made it to the end of the week” red wine (if I’m honest the “made it to the end of the day” red wine).  Well, I’m kicking it all out for January.  Cancer is visiting (it’s blooming well not staying), and I’m not terribly impressed.  I won’t tell the stories (if you’ve been around here for long enough then you’ll know that I only tell my stories, not other’s), but that is why, this year, I’ve decided to do the Dryathlon for Cancer Research UK.

If you could see your way clear to visiting my fundraising page page and sparing a few pennies for my and my family’s cause, I would be really super grateful.

And in other news, we finally put the Boy to work on the chimneys…


Thank you for staying with me, and Happy New Year!




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