1/100 You Can’t Keep a Good Blogger Down

Well, technically, I’m not a good blogger but let’s not let technicalities get in the way of a good story…

As predicted (by me) I’m missing this little space of mine.  I’m impressed I managed to hold out for 19 days.

So far this year – we’ve had an allergy clinic appointment; I’ve been working oodles of extra hours; the Little’s school has been closed as they have no power and hence no light, heating or hot water; both of my children have moved up a stage in Girlguiding/Scouting respectively; the Boy hasn’t taken to Cubs and has left; but the Girl is really enjoying Guides.  And as if that wasn’t enough… I haven’t let even a drop of alcohol pass my lips.

The lack of alcohol thing was going well until the allergy clinic and oodles of extra hours.  I’m a bit fed up with the lack of alcohol thing now, but as I’m doing it to raise money for Cancer Research UK I’ll keep going (for 12 days, not that I’m counting).

The allergy clinic was a funny old day.  The peanut bump is sadly as big as ever but he came up negative for cats.  Handy, as we’d like to get a cat.  I’ve got to take the Boy to sit in the house of a breeder of Siberian Cats (the breed we’d like) and if manages that without sneezing or rubbing his eyes then we shall become pet owners.  Yay.


In other allergy clinic news, they’ve offered us (well, the Boy really) the chance to take part in a desensitisation study.  To say I have mixed feelings about this would be something of an understatement.  Pluses – we would be able to stop worrying about eating out and may contain warnings (he’d still have to avoid actual peanuts natch).  Minus – even though we’d be in hospital, I can’t help but think about what could go wrong…  I’ll keep you posted on that front.

Last thing from me today – I’ve decided to take part in an internet meme thingy.  I’m a glass half empty kind of girl, so I’m going to try and post one happy thing every day for 100 days.  Just when you thought you’d got rid of me!!

Here’s a screenshot for today for you.



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