3/100 – Curioser and Curioser

Ooh, there’s lots to be happy about today.

I went to the Guardian offices in Central London this afternoon, with a teacher from my school, to do a pre-school trip recce.  We went to their education centre to find out what our visit there in the Spring would entail.

Well, what an amazing opportunity the Year 5s at our school are going to have.

They will spend a whole day being reporters and then editors – choosing stories from “the wires” to put onto a front page with photos to go with them and designing the look of their newspaper – everything from the name to the price along with teaser skylines to tempt people to buy.  They will work in pairs and have their photo on the front page that they produce.  They’ll have their lunch in the staff canteen, and at the end of the day we get 3 copies of each front page to take with us – one to display at school and one for each child to take home.

The teacher and I had a whistle stop tour of the process and also got to put together a front page (with our names as bylines and our photo on it!).  It was really, really good fun.

The visit wasn’t until late afternoon, and I managed to get there 2 hours early (yes, really).  Happily, the Guardian offices are about 15 minutes from the British Library. Even more happily, the British Library just so happens to have an Alice in Wonderland exhibition. 2 hours very very well spent.



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