Seconds Out, Round 2

Today was the second day at hospital for The Boy and his sandwich eating exploits.

As expected, he hasn’t outgrown his allergy.

He didn’t have a full blown anaphylactic reaction this time, although that’s not to say he won’t if/when he’s next exposed to roasted peanuts.

His reaction was still very unpleasant. Starting with an itchy mouth, moving onto an itchy throat and then severe stomach pain and prodigious vomiting, not to mention an impressive and exhausting sneezing fit.

After an hour of symptoms, he was put onto a drip. The fluid seemed to flush out the last remnants and he quickly perked up (as is his way – resilience seems to be his watch word).

The are plus points to today. We now know what to look out for in a much more concrete way, and we discovered that he’s grown into one of the one in ten children who get forewarning of a reaction in the form of an itchy mouth and throat, rather than going straight into full blown reaction.

Next step is in two weeks time when he will eat a quarter of a boiled peanut and we will see how he reacts. If he doesn’t react, we have a two in three chance of being accepted for the attempt at peanut desensitisation this year, or we will monitor for a year (I think with slight changes to what he should eat) and start in a years time.  If he’s too sensitive, there is a different trial we could try (involving skin patches rather than ingestion) but I’m not thinking that far ahead yet!





Not a massive difference in demeanour!


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