The Girl’s summer term homework has been arranged rather differently to that in past terms.  She has been set a possible 10 tasks to carry out over the course of the term (11.5 weeks) with 6 additional challenge tasks.

The letter home states that they are expected to complete a minimum of 5 tasks.  There are various awards for completing 5, 8 or 10 tasks, or all 10 plus some extension tasks.  I like the fact that it’s not a strict “here are 3 things: one maths, one literacy and one spelling task, which you MUST complete every week” and that there is plenty of variety.   The tasks vary from the standard and expected literacy/numeracy tasks, to creating a shoebox diorama, or researching environmental issues surrounding the rainforest.  There is a science task, two set around their topic of the rainforest, an art task and an ICT task.

One of the tasks is to grow a plant or vegetable at home from a seed or bulb.  The children are asked to keep a diary of growth, measurements and include some pictures.  She was very keen to complete this task, and chose tomatoes.  Seeds were purchased and planted today.  Obviously I volunteered myself for photography duty, and have managed to narrow down the shots of her planting the seeds to just 6 – good going considering how many I initially took…


Equally obviously, the Boy decided he wanted to join in.  He has decided to grow pumpkins.  I also managed to narrow his shots down to just 6.


Oh, and an extra one when he got bored and wandered off to do some weeding (actually digging up worms and millipedes).



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