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He does love a good pudding, and we seem to be getting more and more successful (brave) in our choice of pudding venues. 



Her most ambitious bake to date – delicious! 


I definitely need this candle holder… 

We were visiting friends in Brighton today. Three of us have had birthdays recently, so the Girl worked her bakery magic.


The Girl is turning into a cracking baker, which makes for lovely birthdays. 

She was quite horrified when I pretended to eat the whole thing, but like mother like daughter, made sure she got the snap before expressing her distaste. 


The Girl and I have prepared for Red Nose Day in our favourite ‘special day’ way… 


The Girl is baking on her own cakes nowadays. 

And doing a beautiful job of decorating them too. 

Happy Father’s Day

Yes, a day late, but better late than never.

The Girl made a cake yesterday but didn’t have time to decorate it.

She did that today, and very graciously allowed the Boy to help. I suspect he spent most of his time eating sprinkles but never mind.





Yes, those are chocolate chips and a pink heart-shaped insert. Yes, she is very clever. And no, I did not help at all.

Sing it Back – The Birthday Edition

One year ago, to the day, I posted this post about a new community choir that was starting in the evenings at the Little’s school.

Today, I am with some very lovely friends that I’ve met over the last year as we celebrate our first birthday!

Here’s one of them – our Musical Director (and me – forming the welcome committee).  This picture sets the tone of our choir perfectly.


And what a year it’s been…  From our very first gig, where we nervously flash mobbed The Girl’s choir at the summer fayre, through various events on the local Green, several gigs at a rather nice local pub and onto the rehearsals for when we form part of a 500 voice choir performing at the Tate Modern in June.

I have made new friends, eaten more cake than I probably should have done, laughed a lot more than I thought I would, and definitely grown in confidence over the last year.

Happy Birthday to us!  (12 inch cake made by me and decorated by the lovely lady who designed our choir t-shirts – yes, we have t-shirts!).


The day had a sadly less upbeat ending though, with the early return of the Littles from their sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa (and the early end of my evening out with the Husb!).

The Boy has had to temporarily come off the trial he was on as we think that even as small an amount as half a boiled peanut is causing him trouble.  He has been sick every couple of days for the last 10 days.  We’re on a “wait and watch” policy at the moment but it’s looking more likely with every passing day that he’ll have to come off permanently.

On the upside – we did get to watch Minions at 10.30pm which the Littles thought was most exciting.


Although you wouldn’t think it from that photo!


It isn’t my birthday today.

My birthday falls on a work day.

Today though, is a Sunday. A relaxing day, a lovely weather day, a BBQ day. A great day for a pre-birthday birthday.

My girl loves baking.

She especially likes having a reason to bake.

Mummy’s birthday, when mummy definitely can’t bake, is her absolute favourite occasion to bake for.

Today I celebrated my pre-birthday with my lovely family and a beautifully moist chocolate cake – candles and glitter very much included, plus a fanfare when it was brought out.



Earlier in the week, Grandpa had a somewhat significant birthday. I was brought up to have very good manners, so I won’t be mentioning any numbers.

Thanks to Aunty P and Cousin W, we had a proper party, with party hats,




and even party bags.


Hats were worn by all.



Later, back at M & P’s, the Girl squished as many candles as she could onto the coffee and walnut cake I’d made.


Grandma delivered said cake,


candles were counted,


and blown out (all in one go!).


It was all a bit much for some of us…