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A few days at the seaside for the Littles and me. It’s windy, damp and definitely not sunny, but we’re enjoying it already. 


River Trip

Slightly rainy, but still fun. 

In Bath

Not actually in a bath, but visiting Bath. 

More specifically, visiting one of my lovely sisters, in Bath. 

Is been way too long since we’ve been together, so it seemed like a good idea to do some making. 

We made a bed… 

Then we made my children play outside in her amazing “garden” (basically a field outside their house, the lucky ducks). 

I failed to catch pictures of her children, so we’ll just have to visit a bit sooner next time. 


This is not, as you may think, a picture of a beetroot.  It is, in fact, my good self!

I have decided to run everyday in January because why not.

Actually, I do have a slightly better reason than that.  Originally I was running every day in January to raise awareness for Mind.  Mind are a charity who offer help, advice and support to those suffering from mental health issues and their families.  They also work tirelessly to raise awareness of mental health issues and to try and eradicate the stigma attached to them.

Then a couple of people said that they would love to sponsor me for being daft enough to attempt to run every day for a whole month (given my current fitness levels), so I have set up a fundraising page.  If you would like to sponsor me, and I would be enormously grateful if you did, then here is the link.  Please don’t feel you have to though, just you reading this post, thinking about how mental health issues can affect us all and starting to think about the stigma around mental health issues and whether it should be there or not, is enough for me.

Don’t forget, the easiest way to combat mental health issues and the stigma attached, is to ask someone you’re worried about if they are ok.  And really listen to the answer, without judgement or advice offering.

That is the end of this public service announcement!


More photos from yesterday.  We spent a lovely day on the coast with my lovely big sis and her family, including a bracing walk on the seafront.  Much grumbling ensued from the Littles (we want to go to the park, the seafront is boring, etc etc) until we got there, when they proceeded to have a lovely time!

And I caught some lovely sunset shots.



All Of Us

Miss You

I started university at the beginning of September. I’m reading (we’ve been taught to say it that way in case we ever go on university challenge – pfft!) Education Studies,  then hoping to qualify as a primary teacher. 

There is a LOT of work to do and I decided that I definitely wouldn’t have time to blog. Nope. No siree. Not a chance. 

I was looking back through old posts this afternoon (while laid up in bed with the boy’s birthday bug (couldn’t think of a word beginning with b to describe the vomiting aspect, and I rather liked the alliteration)) and realised (as I do every time I stop blogging) that I really miss it. The process of writing, the connection with other people, the making the children do ridiculous poses so I can get a picture on quiet days, the grammatically hideous paragraphs with far too many brackets and lengthy sentences that I can get away with because it’s my blog so there! 

And so I’m back. Not from outer space, but definitely into cyber space. 

A lot has happened in the last month: a stay at The Grand in Brighton for the husb and I for the dual celebration of Big Sis’s wedding and our 13th wedding anniversary, managing to be in the same room as all four of my siblings for the first time in I don’t know how long, the Boy’s 9th (yes, I did type that correctly) birthday and a trip to the Crystal Palace underpass (rarely open to the public) to name but a few. 

I will leave you with a selection of photos and the promise (or threat!) not to be gone for so long next time. 

Drawn by the children while waiting to go into the subway. 


All Of Us 

Where to Start? 

We had a very lovely day today. We got to see my sisters M & L (although missed other sister M and brother J), 3 cousins – A, D and little A, and Granny F & Grumps – better known as my mum and dad. 

There are so many lovely pics. Brace yourselves!! 

Much cousin love and silliness. 

Very naughty teddies (absolutely nothing to do with the (grown-ups). 

Cat bonding (and attempting a lookalike session). 

And last but not least, monkey bar action. Particularly check out the Girl and her very extremely long legs! Thank you for those, M. 

You’d Never Know… 

Before it rained:

After it rained :

You wouldn’t know that in between these two shots we were wet enough to be able to wring our tops out.  

Still smiling. Still having a fab evening. Still enjoying each others company.