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Happy Red Nose Day

I love this pair. They are so set in their roles – the serious one and the joker – until they decide to switch… 

World Book Day

It’s been a while. Work, uni, family, inability to say no. There’s nothing new eating my time, just a brief (I hope!) inability to manage the various strands. 

I’ve had a week of rest and recharge, and hopefully my batteries are back to full strength now. 

Anyway, I couldn’t not share my lovelies on World Book Day. Harry Potter of Hogwarts meets the White Witch of Narnia. 

Fortunately we survived their combined powers. 

Family Tree

Grandpa and the Boy spent a very happy hour and a half constructing family trees this afternoon. Thank you Grandpa. 

Snow Day

They were so, so excited. I haven’t the heart to tell them that that’s probably it for now. 


I still can’t quite get used to seeing this. 

Boy and Kitten 

Observing each other from the safety of their own personal cardboard boxes. 


Pasta Monster


The Boy was given his first meccano set this Christmas. 

He and the Husb spent a happy few hours constructing, then the Cat decided to join in! 


More photos from yesterday.  We spent a lovely day on the coast with my lovely big sis and her family, including a bracing walk on the seafront.  Much grumbling ensued from the Littles (we want to go to the park, the seafront is boring, etc etc) until we got there, when they proceeded to have a lovely time!

And I caught some lovely sunset shots.



All Of Us