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Some are better at it than others. 


Both of them were studying hard in the garden this afternoon. 

Guest Photographer 

We’re away at the moment (you might have noticed). 

Angelfeet and her family are looking after The Cat. 

Mr Angelfeet took a fabulous picture of Cat, and then did some online jiggery-pokery with it. I absolutely love the end result. 


He can be very patient when he fancies it… 


I Can Help? 


Bucket O’ Cat

Paws Up

If you were not only silly enough to fall in the kitchen sink (front paw next time, please)… 

but were also silly enough to try again less than 5 minutes later… 

Cat Sunday

Not quite grown into his ears yet, but getting more handsome every day. 

No Cats Here

Just a thermos, honest… 


Can I Help?