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I Can Help? 


Bucket O’ Cat

Paws Up

If you were not only silly enough to fall in the kitchen sink (front paw next time, please)… 

but were also silly enough to try again less than 5 minutes later… 

Cat Sunday

Not quite grown into his ears yet, but getting more handsome every day. 

No Cats Here

Just a thermos, honest… 


Can I Help? 

Boy and Kitten 

Observing each other from the safety of their own personal cardboard boxes. 


The Boy was given his first meccano set this Christmas. 

He and the Husb spent a happy few hours constructing, then the Cat decided to join in! 

Growing Up

I took photos of the Kitten to show Grandma and Grandpa today, and then completely forgot to. So, here is one in blog form instead. 

We had a most lovely day with Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle P, Aunties D & C, and cousins W & D, although I was alarmed by how quickly the Little Ones are growing up. Kitten included! 

Is There Anyone Still Here?

It has been a while.  We’ve been house of illness recently, with both the Boy and I having had a couple of nasty bugs.  Added to that, are the pressures of taking on a full time degree while still working part time, and time (I’m beginning to dislike the word) has been precious of late.

This morning feels like a good time to update though.  Uni finished last Friday, school finished for me on Tuesday and for the Littles on Wednesday and we spent yesterday relaxing, doing a couple of small jobs and having an impromptu visit with a lovely friend.

One of the jobs was the opticians for the Littles.  The Girl has been suffering with headaches a lot recently, and it’s no surprise that she needs glasses.  She is not happy, although I think she looks fab.

This is what happens when the optician leaves the room… 

Treats on the way home, for being brave in the face of eyedrops, had an unexpected result. 

And the Kitten continues to be unashamedly cute.