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My lovely, long legged, clan.



The Cat is officially weird. 

When the Husb got back from his evening out, the first thing the Cat did was stick his nose in the Husb’s armpit. 


River Trip

Slightly rainy, but still fun. 


It’s so much easier to blog in the holidays. 


No wonder they keep growing… 


Some are better at it than others. 


The Boy was given his first meccano set this Christmas. 

He and the Husb spent a happy few hours constructing, then the Cat decided to join in! 


More photos from yesterday.  We spent a lovely day on the coast with my lovely big sis and her family, including a bracing walk on the seafront.  Much grumbling ensued from the Littles (we want to go to the park, the seafront is boring, etc etc) until we got there, when they proceeded to have a lovely time!

And I caught some lovely sunset shots.



All Of Us

Cat Tree

We decided that the Cat would probably eat, and definitely try to climb, our beautiful indoor ivy. 

The Husb spent a good hour detangling the four climbing strands in the hope that we could keep one, but there didn’t seem to a viable option for draping that wouldn’t encourage a small kitten to want to play with/eat it. 
So the plant has had a drastic hair cut, and the Husb is looking a lot less perplexed now .