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The View

on holiday. Oh, and the neighbours.


To get very, very wet. 

He hasn’t fallen in yet, but I’m fairly sure it won’t be long… 


He does love a good pudding, and we seem to be getting more and more successful (brave) in our choice of pudding venues. 

Pool in Pool

Lovely weather. For ducks! 

Home Alone

Well, not quite. The Littles and I are away again, and this favourite got left at home. Fortunately, the Husb is on hand to take care of him, and to send reassurance that he’s ok. 


We took the Littles to the Science Museum today. 

The Girl and I went to the Robots exhibition which she declared fab, but I thought was a bit small. 

The Boy and the Husb went in a Typhoon simulator and “saw some Tim Peake stuff” (direct quote from the Boy, sorry the Husb!). 

All in all a good day. I forgot to take any pics of my lovelies, but look – a stack of cool cars!

Last Day

It’s the last day at the seaside for me and the Littles.  Not that you’d know that we’ve been at the seaside, just by looking at the pictures I’ve been posting recently. 

I’ll be continuing that theme, because although we did go to the beach today, it was too wet to get the camera out. 

Golf was dry though,

and climbing was inside. 

Sort of win/win. 

Sunny Side Up

It’s not often that I’m moved to post pictures of food. 

I was intrigued though, by the Girl’s egg eating method this morning. 

Apparently the weather has been so bad while we’ve been away that she wanted the sun on her plate


That’ll be the end of the paddling pool then.


I saw these coat hooks today. I think we need them at home.