Family Tree

Grandpa and the Boy spent a very happy hour and a half constructing family trees this afternoon. Thank you Grandpa. 

New Players

The Girl has decided she wants to play tennis too. I was unceremoniously removed from the court. 

Mercifully Brief

Don’t get me wrong, I love snow as much as the next person. I don’t love the sludgy slippery mess you’re left with after a day or two though, especially if I’m trying to get to work or university, so I was glad this lot didn’t stick around. 

Snow Day

They were so, so excited. I haven’t the heart to tell them that that’s probably it for now. 

No Cats Here

Just a thermos, honest… 


New Wheels 


This is not, as you may think, a picture of a beetroot.  It is, in fact, my good self!

I have decided to run everyday in January because why not.

Actually, I do have a slightly better reason than that.  Originally I was running every day in January to raise awareness for Mind.  Mind are a charity who offer help, advice and support to those suffering from mental health issues and their families.  They also work tirelessly to raise awareness of mental health issues and to try and eradicate the stigma attached to them.

Then a couple of people said that they would love to sponsor me for being daft enough to attempt to run every day for a whole month (given my current fitness levels), so I have set up a fundraising page.  If you would like to sponsor me, and I would be enormously grateful if you did, then here is the link.  Please don’t feel you have to though, just you reading this post, thinking about how mental health issues can affect us all and starting to think about the stigma around mental health issues and whether it should be there or not, is enough for me.

Don’t forget, the easiest way to combat mental health issues and the stigma attached, is to ask someone you’re worried about if they are ok.  And really listen to the answer, without judgement or advice offering.

That is the end of this public service announcement!


Chilly, Apparently


I still can’t quite get used to seeing this. 


Can I Help?