“Oh no,” she said, “I won’t go into the sea and get my trainers soaked.”


Even when she’s dizzy from too many cartwheels she looks elegant. 


He can be very patient when he fancies it… 

In Bath

Not actually in a bath, but visiting Bath. 

More specifically, visiting one of my lovely sisters, in Bath. 

Is been way too long since we’ve been together, so it seemed like a good idea to do some making. 

We made a bed… 

Then we made my children play outside in her amazing “garden” (basically a field outside their house, the lucky ducks). 

I failed to catch pictures of her children, so we’ll just have to visit a bit sooner next time. 

Happy Red Nose Day

I love this pair. They are so set in their roles – the serious one and the joker – until they decide to switch… 


The Girl and I have prepared for Red Nose Day in our favourite ‘special day’ way… 


I saw these coat hooks today. I think we need them at home. 


I Can Help? 


Bucket O’ Cat

Taller Than a House

Well, almost.