The Girl is turning into a cracking baker, which makes for lovely birthdays. 

She was quite horrified when I pretended to eat the whole thing, but like mother like daughter, made sure she got the snap before expressing her distaste. 


Both of them were studying hard in the garden this afternoon. 


For a while, anyway. I miss this space when I’m not here. 

The girl, here prettifying her new bicycle. 

A Long Gap

Crumbs.  Nearly a month since my last post is an empty stretch, even by my recent standards…

This hasn’t even got a picture attached to it I’m afraid.

In fact, it’s a bit of a vanity post.  

I am currently studying a Literacy Module and today we had to spend twenty minutes writing on the subject of “childhood”.

This is what I wrote.  It is far from a polished piece, but I rather like it.

Dear Younger Self,

I am writing today to let you know that all this will pass.

I know you feel small now.  The world around you seems made for grown ups, with their long legs and heads so high up in the sky.

It will only be a short while before you can sit in that chair and touch the floor with the tips of your toes; from there you will barely notice the time pass until your feet are fully flat, and that chair will feel a safe place to play from, work on, or rest in.

Right now, you are always a run, a skip or a hop behind your grown up, feeling the pull on your arm as they tell you “hurry up” or “don’t dawdle”.  Don’t worry, soon you will be able to look at all the tiny flowers, exciting dogs, intriguing cracks in the pavement, while your ever lengthening legs begin to catch up with those ever rushing adults.

And the sleeves on your hand-me-down jumper?  You won’t always be in trouble for letting them dangle in the lunch you’re eating, the painting you’re doing, the mud you’re having so much fun playing in.

Soon you will feel that you fit the world, and it fits you.  You will be able to get down that book you want to read, reach that toy at the very back of the cupboard, sneak that biscuit from the tin on the worktop.

Yes, this will soon pass.

Now that you know that, enjoy your time.  The joy of legs dangling from the chair; the fun of running, hopping and skipping everywhere; the warmth in your hands, hidden in those sleeves even on the coldest of days; and the delicious fear of stretching on tiptoes for the forbidden items, hidden out of your reach.

So yes, enjoy this time, for all too soon this will pass.


Your Older Self

Guest Photographer 

We’re away at the moment (you might have noticed). 

Angelfeet and her family are looking after The Cat. 

Mr Angelfeet took a fabulous picture of Cat, and then did some online jiggery-pokery with it. I absolutely love the end result. 


“Oh no,” she said, “I won’t go into the sea and get my trainers soaked.”


Even when she’s dizzy from too many cartwheels she looks elegant. 


He can be very patient when he fancies it… 

In Bath

Not actually in a bath, but visiting Bath. 

More specifically, visiting one of my lovely sisters, in Bath. 

Is been way too long since we’ve been together, so it seemed like a good idea to do some making. 

We made a bed… 

Then we made my children play outside in her amazing “garden” (basically a field outside their house, the lucky ducks). 

I failed to catch pictures of her children, so we’ll just have to visit a bit sooner next time. 

Happy Red Nose Day

I love this pair. They are so set in their roles – the serious one and the joker – until they decide to switch…